Search, find and be found: c3nav – 32C3 Indoor Navigation

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Even for regular visitors the CCH building with all it’s corridors, foyers, and halls can be a hard to navigate maze. Thankfully some hacker was too lazy to think about how to get someplace and thus built the first congress indoor navigation system.

Check it out at

In order for your favourite places to be found c3nav needs your help. Go to the project’s github page and create a pull request with your favorite place’s position. Or drop them a tweet to get in touch. And then you can create a QR code encoding that position, hang it up and every visitor can find out exactly where she is by just scanning that QR code.

c3nav Ausschnitt

If you own an Android device you can also install the c3nav app from F-Droid and Google Play or as .apk and use wireless location instead of scanning QR codes to enter your current position. The app also supports sharing of routes and positions, which is really great if you want to help someone finding you. Just send them a c3nav link with your current position. You can also add your favourite places as a quick link to your homescreen, so you can find your way to them with a single touch.

Well, isn’t that pretty cool? Unfortunately it seems like iOS doesn’t offer a wireless scan API, so some hacker has to take a look at that.