The Speakers Corner

You have spontaneous thoughts on the current political state of affairs? You want to present the awesome project you made at the congress? You have an idea for a little barcamp for a theme that in your mind is not sufficiently presented at the congress? You want to have a public debate? You have a talk longer then 60 minutes? You want to hold a rejected talk anyways?

You have the opportunity to do all that and the congress orga team gives you an exposed stage for it. At the Speakers Corner you will be able to unbureaucratically express your mind in front of the congress audience. The stage is equipped with a microphone, loudspeakers and a projector and located directly in front of stage 1 in the main foyer. There will be a schedule next to the stage where you can pencil in your talk barcamp style. All you have to do then is show up, present, discuss and document.

This stage is completely organized by YOU and almost* everything is allowed.

*) (of course the normal congress and CCC rules apply ( Discriminating or racist remarks and any incitement to violence will not be tolerated in any way.)