Call for Interpreters!

This year the Chaos Communication Congress is not only celebrating its 30th edition, it is also the fifth time that we, the translators group, are going to bring you live interpretations of congress talks from German into English. If you are an excellent speaker of the English language and have a sufficient grasp of German and perhaps some familiarity with the kind of content that the congress will feature, please contact us.
If you want to help us organising, please get in touch as well. If you know somebody who might want to help, point them towards our direction. This is the second time we get to use the Congress Center Hamburg with its professional interpretation booths. Yay!
Last year, out of a mixture of enthusiasm and coincidence, we translated every single German talk, and we want to keep that up. We had a group of sixteen translators with various levels of involvement, so we’re aiming for a similar number or even more.
And for that we will need your help!
We want to reach out to German speakers and possibly get some notes or material from them in advance. We will have to set up some rules and modes of operation that we think have served us well. Therefore we have a mailing list (see below) to organise ourselves.
So please contact us and don’t be shy about it. Our first attempts in the past years were far from good or even professional. But we have learned a lot, tried out different methods, improved. And what fun we had at doing this! Is there a chance of failing? Sure. But you’ll still be better at it than all those who don’t even try. Of course we have rules and are looking for feedback between us and from our “listeners”. We might feel a need to tell you if it might not work out. But nobody will get blamed for trying, that we can promise.
So we’re inviting all volunteers but we aim for quality as well. Our ambition is to tell German congress speakers who are not too comfortable about their English that they can use German and we will bring their talk to an international audience.
How to reach us?
We are Julian, Sebastian, Moeffju, Katti, Katharin, Anwen and many more.
You can reach Julian, Moeffju or Sebastian via Twitter (@hdsjulian @moeffju or @sebalis), Jabber (, or or email (julian [at], moeffju [at] or sebalis [at]
You can also subscribe to translate[delete this – spam  protection] by sending an e-mail to  translate-subscribe[delete this – spam protection] If  you do so, please introduce yourself after subscribing.
We would love to hear from you!