30C3: The Network Operation Center

Yes, there will be internet access in the way you have come to know us for – unfiltered, high-speed, high-uptime and, for us, high-fun.

Last year the Chaos Communication Congress moved back to Hamburg, to the humongous CCH. With a building that size came a new set of puzzles and challenges in the deployment of a Wi-Fi network, a backbone inside the building of at least 10 Gbps per patchroom, and 30 Gbps of global IP transit.
This year we’re going bigger than ever. More rooms in the CCH means we have to deploy more network equipment than ever before. We will have a new Wi-Fi equipment sponsor. Apart from the usual switches for thousands of Ethernet ports we will have over a dozen serious routers in place for a full MPLS-based backbone.

The link between the CCH and the outside world will be 100GigabitEthernet, a world-first for this type of conference.

Besides that we’ll offer the full gamut of behind-the-scenes services that you’re used to but may not (yet) know about. Native IPv6, and NAT64 to prepare for the post-IPv4-depletion future now. There is a colocation area planned where you can bring your server to for hooking up at GigE or 10G (bring your own SFP+) to the conference network. Next to the regular open Wi-Fi, this year there will be an additional SSID with WPA2-Enterprise that accepts any username/password combo to encrypt wireless traffic. Finally, there will again be a Privacy Officer who makes sure no personally identifying information gets logged by accident.

We’re grateful to our sponsors for helping us making this all possible. We hope you’ll join us in our efforts to make the event pleasant and memorable!

You can follow the NOC on Twitter: @c3noc.