Get your assembly ready until Sunday, 1st of December!

An assembly is your place at 30C3, the /home of a group of people belonging together, hackers who like to work and hang out. At bcc we had such groups around projects, but last year we invented the concept of assemblies as an experiment, that worked out great!

(Picture of assembly: maltman23)

You find background on the idea of assemblies in last years blogpost on this topic. In sum it is like the villages in the camp: Bring your toys and tools, show your projects and work on them, and just have fun – and let others participate in what you’re doing! Write a nice wikipage on your assembly, give information about your group, the reason why you belong together and which projects you are working on. Very important are the information about self-organized-sessions you plan to provide at your assembly or in one of the workshop rooms, as those show how you want to be part of the idea to bring people together to share knowledge and develop new ideas. The “Free Text” field in the assembly form will be the body of the page, you can use normal wiki syntax there, write text, add pictures, provide links and so on.

Things that might be brought
(Picture of things that you want to bring: wizard23)

Assemblies are also very much invited to decorate their spot on the Congress, as long as everything you bring does not block exit paths and is not inflammable. Please specify those in the field “things we bring” or contact the orga directly if you are not sure. Also please specify what kind of location you would like to sit in: Please have a look at the newly invented field “specification”. The more information you give us on your preferred seating, the better we can look for a suitable place for you. The building will be used in a different way this year, so often an entry like “same place as last year” won’t work, but you can always add what you liked/disliked from last years spot, as any information helps.

Decorated assembly
(Picture of decorated assembly: wizard23)

Keep in mind that the size of the building is not infinite – so please just apply for as many seats as you really need (this is usually not more than 1/3 of the number of people wanting to attend). Please make sure that you get your entry submitted until next Sunday (December 1st), as we need to start to plan the seating then.

Looking forward to have you there!

Assembly things
(Picture: saschaludwig)