SIGINT 2013: Call for Participation

July 5th-7th, KOMED im Mediapark, Cologne, Germany



SIGINT is an annual hacker conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club. It features talks covering both technical and social aspects of our digital society.

VOLUNTEERS For SIGINT to be as great as always, we need your help. First and foremost, we need eager volunteers to help on-site with the intricate details of organizing a conference for hundreds of people. Please register as a volunteer as soon as we have the registration online.

ARTS AND PROJECTS Asides from helping us having everything run smoothly, we’d gladly accept any kind of project that can be built upon our conference infrastructure. Do you have a cool project you want to show off? Great! You’re just dying to have a venue to try out your fancy new art installation? Cool! Drop us a line at sigint-content(at) and we’ll see if we can sort it out.

TALKS As a community-organized conference, we want to offer you the best lectures you can get. For this, we need your talk submissions—we’re offering one-hour slots (including Q&A), and your talk will be recorded and put online after the conference. Unless you opt out, of course.

If you think you have a great talk that other hackers should listen to, great! Just submit it at our talk submission site!

In case you’re undecided on whether your talk is appropriate, here’s a list of things we are interested in:
Anything that is related to these topics or close enough is welcome too!

  • Signals intelligence and surveillance techniques, e.g. digital wiretapping, deep packet inspection, etc.
  • Mobile device hacking and telecommunications security and exploiting weaknesses in mobile app ecosystems
  • Network neutrality, i.e. the ownership, censorship, circumvention and the politics of de facto standards
  • Programming languages, the state of the art and research as well as interesting new or old applications
  • Privacy in the age of big data, ensuring it via policy or technical means, ethical considerations, etc.
  • (Post-)Privacy, conflict between the desires of an individual and the public regarding social networks and public spaces
  • Alternative worlds, communities in the deep web, augmented reality, hackerspaces and other environments
  • Storming the clouds, hacking, breaking, exploiting and securing cloud-based computing and storage ideas
  • Transparency and participation in politics and governance, surveillance, open data and its applications
  • Physical hacking, making and fabbing, lockpicking, electronics and hardware design, artistic expression
  • Painting it green, concepts for reducing the ecological footprint our urban lifestyle has on the planet
  • Automation, labor market, terms of employment and future chances

As mentioned before, the above list is meant as an inspiration, and not a restriction. It is neither exhaustive nor complete.
All talk submissions will be reviewed and a benevolent selection of talks will try to represent the broadest possible spectrum to the best of our abilities.


Please try to submit a meaningful and complete description that tells us about your presentation. Keep in mind that the description is usually all the content committee has to judge your submission by—it should be appropriately informative. Quality, not size does matter. Please refrain from submitting company or product propaganda. We don’t care if your talk has already been held at another conference, but please make sure your content is up-to-date. The lecture part of your talk should try not to exceed 45 minutes – we still need some time for audience Q&A as well as speaker handover after your talk.
English is the preferred language (bear in mind you will have a global audience due to recording), but especially local topics can be held in German if you are more comfortable that way.

All talks, lecture and workshop proposals must be submitted online using our lecture submission system.
Please follow the instructions given there. If you have any questions regarding your submission, feel free to contact us at sigint-content(at)
If you want to do things which don’t require a lecture or workshop room, for example an art installation or some other kind of project, please contact us directly at sigint-content(at) We can help you find out if it is possible to do that on SIGINT.

As a reminder: SIGINT is a non-profit oriented event and neither speakers nor organizers get paid. However, financial help on travel expenses and accommodation is a possibility, should it be really needed. Don’t be shy and state your requirements in the application when submitting your lecture. We’ll contact you after your talk is accepted to see if we can work something out.

Audio and video recordings of the lectures will be published online in various formats. All material will be available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany License. Note that this license allows for the commercial use of the content to allow media organisations to use snippets from lecture recordings for their reporting. If you wish to alternatively use a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Germany License or if you require that your lecture is not recorded or streamed at all, please state this with your submission. If you don’t tell us otherwise, audio and video of your lecture will be under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany License.

DATES & DEADLINES That’s our schedule:

  • May 5th, 2013 (23:59 UTC): Submission deadline
  • June 5th, 2013: Final notification of acceptance
  • July 5th-7th, 2013: SIGINT13

If there’s any further questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at sigint-orga(at)