Hey! What about the tickets for 29C3?

Hey! What about the tickets for 29C3?

As we had a lot of people asking, here some answers:

Q: How much will the tickets cost?
A: Our priority is to keep the price for the tickets as low as in the years before. So we currently assume that it will be around 80 Euros — as it was last year.

Q: What if I can not afford that?
A: There will be a friend’s request address as we had it before. More details coming with the start of the presale.

Q: But what is this friend’s request?
A: At 28C3 we handled it like this. Have a look.

Q: Ah, there will be a presale for tickets?
A: Yes, there will be a presale to buy a ticket in advance.

Q: So I have to set up my presale scripts again?
A: No, the new venue in Hamburg should be really big enough to fit all of us. Your time will be better invested if you start thinking about what you and/or your project/hackerspace/group could do with all that space!

Q: Why do you always say “There will be…”?
A: Please have a look outside — it’s still summer, isn’t it? Nevertheless your congress team is already working hard to make the congress possible again. So please be patient. If you keep an eye on this blog you won’t miss any information on tickets and presale.