Hackcenter project: i3

i3 is a tiling window manager, that means it configures your windows to use the whole available screen space. It was written from scratch with focus on clear and well-documented code. Additionally, a lot of documentation like the User’s Guide or a Hacking Howto is available. i3 is fast, easy to use and configure, features full unicode and decent multi-monitor support.

Two of the core developers are traditionally attending the Chaos Communication Congress and are in the hackcenter (the 4-person table in the middle of the hackcenter, watch out for the i3 poster), ready to answer your questions, hack on bugs and cool features and receive club mate along to a nice conversation! :-)

If you already are an i3 user, take a look at our preview release of the next major version and/or ask us for a demo in the hackcenter. Enjoy the 27C3!