Today at 18:30: The concert in Saal 1.


This morning, a concert grand (see photo) was delivered to the stage of Saal one for a special event today: Starting at 18:30 hrs, Corey Cerovsek, Alex Antener and Julien Quentin will be giving a classical concert.

They will be playing pieces from many different composers, including Lennon, Bernstein (Leonard probably; Dan Bernstein can be heard one hour later in the same Saal ;-), Mozart, Liszt and Paganini, to name a few. But there’s more:

In this very concert copyright and public domain issues will be discussed—and a (musical) answer will be given: what would classical music sound like if our modern copyright laws had been in effect two or three centuries ago. Corey, Julien and Alex’s conclusion does not sound very optimistic.

The concert will also be streamed and recorded and available for download for free. However, no recording can substitute the live experience of a good musical performance, so be there, 18:30, Saal 1!

Photo courtesy of alech