Crypto Talk at 27C3: High-speed high-security cryptography: encrypting and authenticating the whole Internet, Day 2, 20:30, Saal 1

High SpeedAs many of us know, the whole internet should be regarded as an insecure place. At every place where your internet traffic passes by, it can be modified, suppressed or recorded. Daniel J. Bernstein will show us how you can prevent this from happening:

This talk will present a different approach to high-security Internet cryptography. This approach is easy for users, easy for system administrators, and, perhaps most importantly, easy for programmers. The main reason that the approach has not been tried before is that it seems to involve very slow cryptographic operations; this talk will show that the approach is extremely fast when it is done right.

Personally, I am interested in this talk, because Daniel J. Bernstein is a multi-talent, who works in various areas of cryptographic research, including symmetric and asymmetric schemes. Besides that, he is also an expert in internet security and has written various famous applications as the internet mailer daemon Qmail and the DNS-Server DJBDNS. I think that this talk will be an excellent overview of many security protocols used on the internet and a good entertainment at prime time.

See the Talk at Day 2, 20:30, Saal 1!

Autor: Erik Tews