All-Day-Tickets sold out

On Saturday the last batch of 27C3 tickets were sold. There are no all-day-passes left.
We will make the actual tickets available to you via your presale account on December, 13th shortly. The tickets will contain all relevant billing data and can be used as invoice.

Please print your ticket and bring it to the cashdesk.

Those who did not get a ticket during presale, please do not travel to the congress. There are no all-day-passes available at the cashdesk. Our door policy is strict: Only visitors with valid ticket codes will be granted entrance.

As of day 2 (2010-12-28) a few day-passes will be available at the cashdesk. These will be sold very soon, so please do not rely on them.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact Please note: The presale team does not have any tickets to hand out to you.