SIGINT 2010: The Geek Feminist Panel

Female Geeks  - They do exist

This is blatantly stolen from, an awesome weblog that you should check out and that was nice enough to feature a very special panel at SIGINT:

Five feminist geeks are teaming up to talk about what its like to be a geek, and a woman* on Sunday 23rd may at 5 p.m. (…)


Heather Kelley: gaming

Svenja Schröder: academia and net culture

Eleanor Saitta: hacking / hackerspaces / security

Leena Simon: net activism / politics

Ragni Zlotos: moderation

So, geekfeminists, what do you want us to address/discuss? We already have some stuff worked out, but we would appreciate inspiration from you.

A topic as important as (apparently) controversial, geek feminism rightly has a panel at SIGINT. We’re already happy with the amount of work that went into organizing this and we can’t wait to see the results. Oh, BTW: SIGINT starts tomorrow!