Party Mode at the 25C3!

Bre and Astera practicing for their Kartoffelpuffer workshop

Guess who's bringing the Party Mode to the 25C3. You are!

We told you about the great speakers and their incredible talks. We told you about the awesome workshops. It seems like we’re missing something, doesn’t it? Oh! That’s right! Where the parties are! Thanks to your continuing contributions to the 25C3 wiki the parties have nowhere to hide!

Fortunately, the parties at c-base are always easy to find. As usual, the c-base will be hosting the afterparty and throwing an awesome New Year’s event. And as usual, Phonoelit is back to get the 25C3 party mode kicked off correct. Join your fellow raving hackers and enjoy some wicked fat sets from DJ Vela (Dangerous Drums) and Mumpi (Phenoelit). Even if you can somehow resist the call of a packed c-base dance floor, just being there is worth way more than 5 euro cover charge.

While the c-base is definitely a great place to go party, don’t let that make you complacent! There’s tons of opportunities party hard or unwind with friends in Berlin during the congress. Don’t hide in your room just because you’ve had a full day. Whether it’s a loud last minute dance party on the Alex, or a quiet keysigning with wine and cheese, come on out and socialize! Throw your own party! Don’t forget to update the parties entry on the wiki with any fun times you find out about and include your DECT number! After all, a good time has nowhere to hide at the 25C3.