Projects: You have nowhere to hide from OpenBeacon with OpenAMD (or do you?)

Do you really have nothing to hide? Prove it.

CCC Sputnik,, and the OpenAMD project from 2600‘s The Last Hope are teaming up to provide a real mass surveillance experience at the 25C3. What are the problems and possibilities behind these panopticon dreams of certain politicians? For only 10 EUR you can find out!

Using RFID technology, congress attendees can elect to participate in a massive human tracking network. Building on the success of previous efforts with Sputnik at 24c3, and at the 2007 CCC camp, this year’s project will use advanced visualization to allow you to see nearby users, seek out pockets of interests and track who you spent your time with. There’s also “Beacon Royale”, pitting attendee vs. attendee in virtual combat.

Be watched as closely as only tomorrow’s most sinister politicians can imagine. See how it works – and learn how to circumvent it. Heard about Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother? Come to the Congress and live the book!

Learn more from their press release on the 25C3 wiki.

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