Where will you be staying at the 25C3?

Where will you be staying at the 25C3?

Now is the time to find a place to stay at the 25C3. Fortunately, you still have a lot of good options left!

If you’re on a tight budget, The Gym is the most affordable place to stay for the congress. It is available from the 26th to the 31st and is only 5 Euros a night! Be sure to get your tickets at the main cash desk at the BCC. Tickets go fast. Without a ticket, you won’t get a place to sleep at the gym.

If the gym is not your style, you could also check out housing offers on the 25C3 wiki. If you have some space to spare, why not make an offer to help a fellow hacker? Lots of great friendships and even a few projects have come out of couch surfing at congress.

If you’ve got a little more to spend, you can take advantage of another special offer for congress attendees! Docsteel has hooked up a great deal with A&O Hostels.

For those of you with 100 EUR (US$130) per night to spend on a hotel room, the Park Inn still has rooms! However, if you’re interested in a more continental experience, may I suggest the Luisenof, which is only a short walk from the c-base. The wiki also has a list of hotel options to explore. Most hotel and hostel options offer a hearty breakfast (Frühstück) for a few extra Euros per night.

Of course, if you want to get really fancy, you could always rent a flat for you and your friends.

Whatever you do, now is the time to book a place to stay. Rooms go fast as Berlin is one of Europe’s most popular New Year’s Eve destinations. You should stay in Berlin after the congress to find out why!