Reminder: Submit your talks for 24C3 now!

The call for participation for the 24th Chaos Communication Congress will end in 3 days. This means you have to submit your lecture proposal for the upcoming 24C3 before October 12th, 2007 (Midnight UTC).

24C3 is a low-cost and volunteer-driven event and we have a tiny budget if you compare it to commercial conferences. In many cases, however, we can offer reimbursement for travel expenses. While we cannot sponsor you a free vacation in Berlin, as an accepted speaker you get free entry to the event and we’ll probably be able work out expenses for overseas travel. For further information and questions please feel free to contact

So, please take the time and submit your talks and workshops now. The earlier you submit, the better are your chances for getting accepted (of course, submitting something absolutely mind-blowing from the areas of hacking, making, science, culture, and community helps a lot, too).

Full steam ahead!