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We’d like to use this channel to announce a recently created blog from the CCC orbit. Its purpose is to communicate the German political discussion revolving around netizenship, freedom of information, surveillance tendencies etc, to a non-German/non-German-speaking audience.

Several recent events led to the creation of the Bitkanone: One is just generally the tightening bonds with net activists from around Europe and from across the Big Pond. Having the Camp Anaconda over at the CCCamp was really cool, and we are looking for ways of staying in touch.
Another thing that fueled the Bitkanone was the establishment of the Inselaffen-Kolonie, the first Chaostreff outside a German-speaking country (in Bristol, UK).
The last and final bit was a conversation on the 202c revision with an Argentinian hacker who now lives in Germany. His German is not very good, and he would have appreciated a more thorough discussion of 202c and its implications in a language accessible to him.

More information can be found on the Bitkanone website itself.

Enjoy. We promise to have enough stamina to keep feeding the bitkanone for at least a week. We’ll try, anyway :)