MRMCD110b: 14.-16. September 2007

The metarheinmain chaosdays is a conference for those who are interested in IT and especially in IT security topics. Our goal is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and meeting of like minded individuals.

This event is being held through good graces of the Technical University of Darmstadt which has donated their facilities to the conference. It is an effort to bring the diverse perspectives of both, academia and specialized knowledge of hacker scene, together. Users, developers and scientists have a possibility to engage in innovative technical discourse. With doors open to the academic scene there is a chance to display topics related to the social imperative while maintaining an atmosphere of a technical conference. This endeavour seeks to tackle social problems of our time with technology as our greatest tool.

The focus of the conference will be:

  • Electronic Voting Machines
  • Surveillance
  • Cryptographics
  • General IT Security