Speakers: Constanze Kurz

Constanze KurzAlthough a computer scientist, Constanze Kurz is mainly active in the cultural enrichment of the 22c3: At midnight of day 1 and day 2 (so just at the moment when day 2 and day 3 begin) cultural aspects of current hacker issues are explored in lecture hall 1:

  • Tonight Conz will show us how biometrics play a role in Sci Fi films (some of the material is in German, so we have announced it as a German lecture, but even with little knowledge of German, you can follow the lecture, because some of the clips are in English or from well-know films);
  • Tomorrow Conz’s audio drama team (from Humboldt University Berlin) will present an audio program in English under the intriguing title Have you hugged your mac today?. Although this contribution is a radio feature, it will be performed on stage.

Don’t miss these events! They are an outstanding opportunity to learn a lot and enjoy yourself at the same time.