Submitting news – be an editor!

The news about this event shall flow easily – from you, to you.

So you are invited to submit interesting news directly to this blog. For that, it is necessary to register as an user. So you can write drafts, which will be placed as soon as possible on this blog.

Basically information is free – but we try to get some order in this: For these news is the category “22C3 on the run” created. It has some subcategories, which may inspire you about what to write:

  • Happenings: Workshops, Demonstrations, Post-Lightingtalk-Meetings, Hacks, Fun, Parties
  • Technic: Network, Phone, Power
  • Organic: Food, Loo and Smoking
  • Conference: New or lost Speakers, Documentation and comments on Lectures (e.g. from your weblog)

Don’t forget about the Wiki! It is the perfect place to collect: