Capture the Flag at 22C3

“Capture The Flag is a hacker contest. Teams of hackers battle against each other in a fight of supremacy in a network full of vulnerable services. The teams’ task is to defend a server while simultaneously attacking the other teams’ servers. At the beginning, all teams have the same services running. A central game server checks the services regularly by sending tickets, the so-called flags, which are collected later on. Every flag that is still there is awarded with scores. Whenever a team manages to read a flag on another system then their own, they can submit it at the game-server, thus moving some scores from the defensive team to their own. This way defensive as well as offensive tactics are awarded.”

There will be a Capture the Flag contest held at the Congress, a really interesting hacker experience which should not be missed. Beginning at 23:00 on day two, the team around lexi and mcfly will provide a decent CtF match during the whole night. The event will be commented in the “Hacker Sportstudio” by Maximilian Dornseif and Jens Ohlig. Don’t miss it!

If you want to participate with your team: More information is available in the Wiki, and the registration is up and running, too.