VoIP at 22C3

Not only since the acquisition of Skype by eBay this year Voice-over-IP is a hot topic. VoIP uses packet-swichted networks for data flow instead of traditional dedicated, circuit-switched voice transmission lines, so it has some of the usual security implications plus a few more and it also rises the usual longings from governments to intercept this traffic. Although the different techniques and implementations are more or less well known by now, there are still many things to look after.

First of all we’ll have an overview over the intentions of regulating VoIP and NGN (Next Generation Network) in the US, the EU and especially in Germany by the so-called Bundesnetzagentur (former RegTP). The lecture VoIP 2005 – Regulierte Revolution which is held in German by Jörg Müller-Kindt will be about the current development in enumeration, public security (regulation of emergency calls and telecommunication interception in general), interconnection and broadband without telephone (aka “Naked” DSL). Hendrik Scholz will take a look into Lawful interception of VoIP where he will deeply discuss implications on both, technical and political aspects of interception. Last but not least we are glad to have The Grugq with his amazing lecture called VoIPhreaking – How to make free phone calls and influence people. The Grugq will focus on details of current implementations and the weakness on protocol level. He will also give a couple of live demos to show how broken the thing really is. This lecture is supposed to be a perfect round-up for the whole topic, since it implies all the fun people can have with this technology in present and future.