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PTS Rover hacking (Asimov R0)
We will provide you with some R0s, our Rover mock-up for hardware and software hacking. They are equipped with an IR detection PCB and there are IR beacons that need to be detected. We also have Android Tablets and 3D Space navigators.

The goal is to create the most awesome remote control for our rover!

Contact User:4rOs1s
Village PTScientists

Those small rovers are plenty of fun to play with. But having to control 4 wheels independently is not as trivial as it seems. We tried some driving algorithms, but we are very open to new ideas on how to control the R0 rover. There is a quite simple binary protocol that you can use to communicate with the rover. Another issue that we would love to get some help on is the infrared beacon detection! We want to know when the R0 is driving over a beacon so that we can show the driver some information about the POI.

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