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PTS - build and launch model rockets
We will build some small and reusable model rockets and launch them.
Organizer User:Vizzy
Contact Vizzy
DateTime Day 1 / Aug 10 @ 13:00
Duration 120:00
End 2011-08-15 13:00
Location PTScientists

Hi all :) i hope you enjoyed the workshop and launches. I will update this wikipage from time to time and add more details for rocket data, upload a file you can use for openrocket, instructions on how to build a launch pad etc etc etc. :)

if you use facebook, search for "Raketenclub Hanau" and "Hell yeah, it's rocket science!"

i will add more links to photos and videos.

we also got nice videos from rocket launches too, also in 3d :)

all informations will go here. otherwise, if you miss something, just add it or send me an email to kalle at raketeclub dot de..


  • Sorry, we are sold out, no more rockets available :)*



We will build some small and reusable model rockets made from balsawood and finally launch them.

1st day: build the rockets, and some theory 2nd day: launch them

the workshop will be on all days, this means you can come when you have the time, build your rocket, needs 1 or 2h, depending on how fast you can build it. you can leave the workshop after each step and listen to some lectures, have a coffee and come back when you want. we will have a place where you can park your rocket.

limited offer: there are ~20 arl rocket kits available. (arl: almost ready to launch)

for 1 Preassembled Model Rocket Kit, including Workshop, 1 free Launch (incl. 1 C6-3 Engine and Ignitor), use the Ramp and Launchcomputer we may charge you ~25 Eur (Selbstkostenpreis)

We also have prebuilt, ready to use/launch Rockets available, you can get a launch for about 2,50 Eur (Selbstkostenpreis, engine and Ignitor, Ramp usage etc.)

The Rocket-Kit is made from Balsawood with nice CNC nosecones, lasercuttet Fins and Centering Rings and handmade Balsapipes for bodytube and engine mount. It's weight is ~25g (without engine), L=41cm, Diam=32mm, 4 Fins, has ogive nosecone (8cm) and flies about 200m with a C6-3. launched via 4 pipes on the launchpad, no launchlugs. see pics.

Each Rocket Kit is individual, has individual weigths and parameters. you will get a datasheet for each rocket.

ps: the nosecone can be modified/drilled to put leds and batteries inside or a payload up to 7g, max 2x2x5 cm. payload may be anything but lifeforms of any kind or exploding things!

some pics: [1] [2]

Building Instructions

Step 1

Assemble the engine mount, ~10 min.

First we need to assemble the engine mount. Stick and glue together the small wooden pipe, centering rings and paper-clip. Let it dry for at least 1/2h, better 1h.

Step 2

Attach the rescue system, ~5 min. Add rescue system to bodytube, rubberband as shockcord, silver/gold rescue sheets as parachute. Let it dry!

Step 3

Prepare Fins, 10-45 min. Polish/Sand the fins and add airfoil. Maybe add some foil and/or decals. We have some airmodel foil in different colors, orastick/oracover and bring a electric iron.

Step 4

Prepare Bodytube and Fins, ~5 min. mark position of fins on bodytube, add a thin film of glue to fins and tube (we use water-resistant glue), DON'T glue together yet! let it dry!

Step 5

Prepare Nosecone, ~5-30 min add some paintings or decals to nosecone. we will bring some colors, white, (signal red, blue) for you :) dont forget you pen to sign your rocket and add artwork :) Attach rescue system to nosecone.

Step 6

Add foil or decals to bodytube, ~5-30 min

Step 7

Glue together bodytube and fins, ~20 min Add some glue to fins and put it on bodytube carefully! Wait until it sticks nicely and park your orcket for ~5 min., the continue on next fin. After a few minutes you cann ad some more glue on the edges where fins are attached to bodytube.

Step 8

Park your rocket and wait ...until everything is dried well

Step 9

Payload? The nosecone can be drilled to add some small payload up to 7g, but not larger than 2x2x4cm! this is enough to add led, pressure sensor, or a small webserver....

Step 10

Launch your Rocket 3...2...1... maybe the next day :) (water-resistant glue will need its time to dry! be patient, it's worth it!).


Day 1

Sorry for the delay, we had some technical problems and need to reboot our tent and hack the weather. So many people came here to start the workshop on day 1.

Day 2

Workshops starts ~11h.

It's AWESOME! we startet building 19 Rocket Kits, 9/19 are finished or only needed its rescue system. We are sold out of rockets now :)

Day 3

Finishing not finished rockets from Day 2. (Workshop starts ~12h)

Maybe launch rockets.

I'm sorry to say our LaunchBox has some technical problems (real hardware bugs) and we could not use it. so we just use a very simple box or just 2 cables to fire the rocketengines.

Day 4

We finally finished and tested all rockets and went to the airfield at ~16h? i don't remember :))

We had ~20 very cool launches. only 1 rocketd decided to explode in the air. we also saw what can go wrong here, broken fins, too much wind, launch'computer' failed, human error (try catching rockets..... ouch)

Day 5

we planned to go to the airfield at about 14h, but it was too windy.

Launch ???

Maybe Day 3! i found that the weather is fine from ~16h to 19h. Please call DECT 2248 or GSM 92305 or come to our Mission Control Center (PTS Village). I think we can meet ~16h and decide when/where to launch the rockets.

Finally we launched on day 4


If you plan to come please drop your name.

final participants list looks quite different :)

After the Camp


feel free to ask any question at kalle at raketenclub dot de.

  • Where do i get rocket engines?

want to buy rocket engines? there is a nice rocket modelling shop [3]

for other countries, search for your rocketry shop using your favorite search engine ;) for nl i suggest Caveman (really cool stuff and also high power rockets!!!) [4]

  • who made the nosecones and fins?

nosecones were cnc machined / fins and rings lasercutted by [5] balsawood we got from [6]

  • is there a software for designing model rockets?

yes, please visit, its really cool and beats commercial spacecad which is buggy ;) (its also only for windoz), openrocket is java and almost platform independent.

I add an example file for the rocket we build at the workshop in the rocket data section below.... :) just replace weights from bodytube and nosecone. see instructions below....

Rocket Data

Open Rocket Example File for Rocket #23:


Engine: C6-3

Thrust: ~5,85N

total Impuls: 10Ns

Burnout: 1.7s

Delay: 3s

Weight: ~18g (manufacturer says, but i measured ~21g, including 13,5g propellant, blackpowder)

Diam: 18mm

Link: C6-3 (Klima, de) C6-3 (Caveman, nl)


Model: lili v1.3, designed by Raketenclub Hanau for PTS

Material: 99.9% Balsawood medium, 1/2 paperclib, metal hook, rescue foil, rubberband, paper, glue

Lasercut fins and centering rings, CNC machined Nosecones, handmade bodytubes and engine mounts made of 1mm Balsawood.

total Length: 410mm

Bodytube Diam: 32mm (~140mm + Fins), individual weight

Fins: 4 Freeform

Nosecone: Ogive, 80mm/100) individual weight

Flight height (theoretical): ~200m ++ with a C6-3

Velocity max.: 80m/s, ~Mach 0.25

Acceleration: ~250m/s²

Weight: ~25g (individual, see list below)

see picture: [7]

Weight of Nosecones and Bodytubes

variable weights of nosecone and bodytube are without foil and/or paintings!

if you painted your nosecone, add ~2g

Rocket no. Nosecone weight Bodytube Memo
#6 9.8g 7.6g
#9 7.9g 4.7g
#10 7.5g 8.7g
#12 8.1g 5.1g crashed, body exploded, $§$%"§%& rocket wool
#13 8.5g 5.6g
#16 8.1g 4.0g
#21 9.3g 8.0g
#23 11.6g  ??? g vizzys rocket, also used as example file!, bodytube + foil, wooden fins, nosecone 14.1g with painting!
#25 8.4g 5.9g
#26 11.6g 4.7g
#29 7.9g 6.3g
#30 7.6g 6.2g
#31 8.1g 6.7g
#32 9.9g 6.0g
#33 8.2g 7.1g
#35 8.2g 5.8g
#36 9.7g 9.8g
#38 7.5g 5.5g
#39 7.6g 7.7g
#40 9.7g 8.0g
#41 ..? 6.5g
#42 ..? 8.2g
#43 ..? 9.3g
#44 ..? 7.2g

various parts

Engine C6-3 (fully loaded): 21.1g

Centering Rings: 2x 0.25g

Engine Stop: 4x 0.055g

Fins: 4x 1.1g

Hook: 1.92g

Rubberband/Shockcord: ? ~0.7g

Engine Mount Tube: ~1.2g

2nd layer on Bodytube (Nosecone adapter): ~0.65g (already included in body tube weight)

painting on nosecone: add ~1g to nosecone weight

Photos / Videos

  • I've uploaded some photos from today's launches to flickr: --Melle 00:13, 14 August 2011 (CEST)


(hackers on a plane made some photos from us when the biplane was flying over the launch area... cool stuff) thx to our french neighbours (gaulois?) and hackers on a plane

  • put more photos and videos here
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