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Amnesty International +none yet  +
Apertus +demonstration of our camera  +
Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF) +<br /> * (on demand) Talk/Discussion about the "Konferenz der Informatikfachschaften", i.e. a brief introduction about the goals of the conference, ways to participate, ... * (on demand) Talks/Discussions about special topics from our area of interest  +


Bimseln +maybe  +
Binary Security +- reverse engineering of CPU microcode - fuzzing - SMT solving and formal program analysis  +
Bitcoin +Planned sessions will be announced daily and will be on display at the assembly. Speak to @rootzoll (dect 8674) if you like to give a talk or demo.  +
BlinkenArea +We'd like to run an all-day, every-day loosely organized soldering workshop. It would be helpful to have a reasonably large separate table with 6 seats for that, and maybe some extra chairs for people wanting to watch.  +


C-Hack +Not sure yet  +
C6 +Organisational Meetings, project presentations  +
CCCFr +TBD solderplace for youngsters - RGB LED stars and dices RC ground/water/air vehicle repair session FPV RC Ground vehicle race FPV RC Water vehicles  +
CSOC +An in depth look at the APT signal format (short talk), more will be announced soonish. We'd be happy to share the space for sessions with other assemblies.  +
CTJB +<br /> * sweet exchange: bring local sweets, candies, wafers, etc. from your country and you can participate in exchange from different countries * demonstration of TREZOR 2 hardware wallet  +
Calliope Assembly +Calliope Workshops on all days  +
ChaosZone +* NixOs workshop * soldering workshop Pentabug and Pentablink * Haskell game design coding session * Hedgwars  +
Chaoswelle +hamradio activities, DMR workshop  +
Coreboot +* We will have coreboot flashing workshops.  +
Crypto Currencies +we plan several technical sessions, please see details below.  +
Cryptoparty +1. How to organize a cryptoparty (exchange of experiences) 2. Cryptoparty (teach people how to defend their digital rights online)  +
Curry Club Augsburg +Various intros to functional programming and maybe mathematical topics.  +


Digitalcourage e.V. +"Lesen gegen Überwachung", ohers not yet planned  +
Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz +Follow-up meeting to the Netzpolitik in der Schweiz talk  +
Doubleoctothorpbuero +We are thinking about that right now...  +


EDRi ++ EDRi: 1 RPG on How the EU works (interactive game) + Hermes Center: 1 workshop on Digital Anonymous Whistleblowing + Modern Poland: 1 workshop on links between privacy and copyright + Vrijschrift: 1 workshop on privacy-enhancing tools + Privacy International sessions  +
EE-eState-talks +The plan heavily depends on the interest. The presentation(s) will be verbal, with materials freely available at the Internet. Our estimated capacity is an 1.5hr session per each full day (3 of these).  +
Electronic Frontier Foundation related talk from members of our Cyber Security and International Policy team digital security training for new attendees session (mostly a talk but interactive with participants) update on Who Has Your Back, our international reports on company policies regarding user data and government requests for it US border search and digital rights at the US border talk student privacy talk  +
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