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Contact IRC

Server: hackint

Channel: #C6



Description C6 short for Chaos Computer Club Cluster Computing Council.

We organise computing power for chaotic projects. We do not only do Cluster stuff, but also HPC and other server related stuff.

Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Related to Assembly Assembly:CCCFr, Assembly:CCC-CH
Tags hpc, cluster, server
Registered on
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes Organisational Meetings, project presentations
Orga contact
Brings We may bring some hardware for computing and a screen wall.
Projects [[Projekte::- Test cluster (on site)

- Live cluster (distributed) [ Machines, Network, Storage, Stuff] - Cluster software - Organisation of the Council]]

Uses money no money handling
Need fibre yes would be great
Extra Power Maybe. Depends on what our members bring. If the screen wall works then, then yes, we definitively need more then 3.5kW
Near passage would be great
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 8
Extra seats 8
Aread needed 64
Arrival and build up most people arrive on 26th December, build up would be then too


We are HPC and Cluster enthusiasts. As there is lot of cool projects in the Chaos Scene, we strive to provide them the needed computing power.

So we organise computing power, connect people who have computing power spare with people in need of it, work on projects related to HPC and Cluster Computing, and develop our own software related to HPC and Cluster Computing