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Description Year 2017 has been extremely eventful to Estonian eID ecosystem and our e-society. Not even mentioning ROCA bug hitting Estonian eState. Sure, ppl want to ask questions.

We will not hack anything, we won't have any secret information to disseminate. But. We wish to have an organized contact point, preferrably an 1h informal talk, a Q/A session in a quiet place, for ppl from various nation states and cultures interested in those topics: a) what Estonian eID is; b) about the technicalities around; c) about the latest infosec challenges to Est-eID; d) about the philosophy behind, especially the topics tending to differ from the Western school. The goal is to minimize the entropy about the topic and serve as a guide to Estonian e-system.

Plz drop an e-mail to express yr interest and ez the planning.

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Tags estonia, estland, eid, e-identity, talks, i-voting, e-society, e-governance
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Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes The plan heavily depends on the interest. The presentation(s) will be verbal, with materials freely available at the Internet. Our estimated capacity is an 1.5hr session per each full day (3 of these).
Orga contact
Brings We bring more or less competent answers to whatever questions about Estonian eID, eState, eGovernance, i-voting etc. Might be, we will have a couple of background slides prepared at some web page, as well as the most useful (related) links listed.
Projects We talk about everything the attendees will ask within the topic to the extent we are competent. If nothing asked, a standard generic oral presentation will be offered.
Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
Extra Power {{{Extra power}}}
Near passage definitively not
Character of assembly just a gathering space
Seats needed 12
Extra seats 3
Aread needed 22
Arrival and build up We are extremely flexible. We need a small (preferrably not too noisy) room or sector, the event to be lited on the calendar and we'll manage the rest. The capacity or recurrence will heavily depend on the actual interest we are yet unable to estimate. We *are* actually able to take a smaller stage provided the informality of the environment is retained and no colour of officiality added.


The plan is to dissolute eventual myths and media noise about the Estonian eID ecosystem, Estonian e-services, especially from the philosophical and infosec/cybersec viewpoints. The i-voting topic is also very welcomed. The dress code and used language will be casual, Chatham House rules are preferred. We do not represent any institution beside ourselves.