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Description Assembly for and by hackers from eastern countries (former GDR and so on).

Find us:,469.58,373.34,4.99

Members Abadd0n, Alice23, Astro, Bart, Bennie, Bigalex, Blastmaster, Eddgo, Eri!, Florz, Hakunamenta, Heinzi, Honky, Ivy, Kalipso, Littlealex, M t21, ManaTabu, Marenz, Mic92, Mmaster, Nek0, Nilo, Poelzi, Sivizius, Summi, Toon, TzTz, Vater, Vv01f
Projects 100hackerfragen, Glowboard
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
chaos competence center ChaosZone
Tags chaos, east, zone, hackspace, erfa, code, network, bitcoin, datenspuren, pentaradio, zentralwerk dresden, open data, bsd, gnu, dn42, ccc, chaos, linux, nix, chemnitz, cms
Registered on
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes * NixOs workshop
  • soldering workshop Pentabug and Pentablink
  • Haskell game design coding session
  • Hedgwars
Orga contact
Brings Cool data visualizations on beamer. We will need to be placed near a Wall.

We bring a big shelter to make the place a cozy coding place. laptops, computers, servers, some smaller switches, flashy lights, good mood, ...

Projects Our shelter will be big wooden construction, which will be built on-site.
Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
Extra Power {{{Extra power}}}
Near passage whatever
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 13
Extra seats 23
Aread needed 150
Arrival and build up First hackers will be on site as of 16th December.



ChaosZone - Hackers from the valley of the clueless
#chaoszone @ hackint
Invitations went out, but are not limited, to:
City (or Area)
also known as own Subassembly
c3d2 Dresden Chaos Computer Club Dresden
dezentrale Leipzig Assembly:dezentrale
(Sublab) Leipzig
Chaostreff Chemnitz Chemnitz ChCh Assembly:Chaostreff Chemnitz
HateotU Vogtland
Eigenbaukombinat Halle
Polytechnischer Werkraum Zittau
Terminal.21 Halle
Netz39 Magdeburg
Turmlabor Dresden
Rosenwerk Dresden konglomerat
Technikkultur Erfurt Erfurt Bytespeicher
Hackspace Jena Jena Krautspace
Maschinenraum Weimar
brmlab Prague
base48 Brno
Hackerspace Pardubice Pardubice
kufr Písek PiSeC


32x32 RGB Matrix

We have a mixture between Pixelflut and Multiplayer Snake running on a 32x32 RGB Matrix. Break it!

  • IPv4:
  • Port: 7000