Assembly:Curry Club Augsburg

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Description Functional Meeting Group from Augsburg. Es ist Haskell!
Projects We are mathematicians – ask us anything!
Self-organized Sessions Beweise ohne Worte (Wondrous Mathematics), Eine Botschaft an Außerirdische (Wondrous Mathematics), Faith in mathematics (Wondrous Mathematics), How does artificial intelligence accomplish the feat of learning? (Wondrous Mathematics)
Subassembly of Assembly:OpenLab Augsburg
Related to Assembly Assembly:NixOS, Assembly:Haskell, Assembly:The (un)employed schemers & lispers guild
Tags programming, functional, monoidinthecategoryofendofunctors
Registered on
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes Various intros to functional programming and maybe mathematical topics.
Orga contact
Projects Introduction to functional programming

Meeting space for functional programmers

Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
Extra Power {{{Extra power}}}
Near passage definitively not
Character of assembly just a gathering space
Seats needed 8
Extra seats 6
Aread needed 20
Arrival and build up 26.


We are a functional meetup group from Augsburg. If you want to talk lambdas, visit us!

We are located in the big hall where all the assemblies are located, at Gate 2.3, near the virtual reality booth.