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"Pen&Paper" Game Jam +Hi, wir wollen gemeinsam ein Spiel entwickeln. Genauer gesagt machen wir einen pen&paper mini "Game Jam". Hierbei finden sich normalerweise aus allen Disziplinen der Gamesbranche Beteiligte zusammen um in einem lockeren Umfeld Spiele/Spielideen zu entwickeln. Ich möchte dieses Konzept gerne mit Kindern umsetzen; ohne Computer ;0) Es geht um Grundlegende Spielmechanismen und deren Kreative Umsetzung. Ich freue mich auf viele motivierte Kinder ;o)  +


(Wie) Audible Magic hacken? +Audible Magic Corp., a US producer of media filtering software (see DE Wikipedia: is currently touring the policy makers in Brussels, who are about to decide whether there will be a general rule to implement content pre-filtering on all digital platforms with significant amounts of user-generated content. Such filters are meant – at least at the current stage – to prevent copyright infringements by keeping infringing content from being uploaded to the platforms. They can, of course, later also be used to censor any other kind of recognisable content, and thus pose a massive threat to freedom of speech on the net. But even for the copyright-related purpose they are probably unsuitable, as they cannot process, let alone weigh the context of an upload, as a human can. Therefore the exceptions & limitations built into copyright law would become practically irrelevant, once such a net-wide filtering infrastructure based on automated filtering is in place. In this session we want to discuss whether and how the technology behind Audible Magic's filtering solutions can be hacked in order to analyse its capabilities and shortcomings. If successful, this analysis could greatly influence the policy discussions on the EU level, that will enter a crucial phase in early 2018.  +
(YBTI) Distributed Systems Workshop at Onionspace Berlin + invites you to a workshop we are holding in Berlin from 2nd through 9th of January. See the website for details.  +
(what is) Transformative Justice for Communities +justice and peace without the police  +


/dev/lol +Hackerspace from Linz/Austria  +
/dev/space +We are a loosely connected group of people that hack on various projects and are open for discussions about any topic.  +
/dev/tal +Hackerspace Wuppertal, part of Chaos-West  +
/dev/zero +We are a group of software developers doing some cool projects like automated shooting of balloons, automatic playing of FlappyBird, showing off firework and gravity balls on LED stripes, making NFC controlled mp3 player.... Why /dev/zero? Because it is cool and contains an infinite amount of half of the electronic information in the world: Zeroes.  +


100hackerfragen +Create a game show infrastructure similar to the famous 90s german tv show "Familienduell", but for hackers. On 34c3 we want to start asking you questions and create the game (+maybe some Hardware) using python.  +
1Komona +We focus on self-empowerment, collaboration, creative action and the exchange of knowledge with an activist scope.  +
1Komona +selfempowerment, collaboration, activism, methodsharing  +
1bätsch +We are excited to present you this year's congress badge, your affordable and sustainable next gen analog companion.  +


34C3 CTF +We are hosting the annual C3 CTF competition. This is the 6th incarnation of the event. This year's idea is that all teams on-site wanting to participate gather around in the same area to play and hack all the challenges we provide together. So if you are a local assembly wanting to participate with us in the same space, please specify us as the parent assembly when registering your own assembly.  +
34C3 CTF Afterparty +The 34C3 concludes and we will honor the first three teams. Then there will be ample opportunity to discuss challenges, CTF in general and drink beer.  +
3D Printing Berlin +3D-printing station with a mobile 3d-printer wagon and a small chill 4 print area.  +


42birds: Dreams of the Future +Learning in science fiction movies. This talk is just for fun… And yes, there will be school violence ;-)  +
42birds: Hacker’s Digest +We'll talk about fiction and non-fiction books.  +
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga +We'll do some Yoga to calm our minds and move them bodies.  +
42birds: Nerd Game Show +🙈 🙉 🙊 You Know Stuff ☐ ☒ ☑ Answer nerdy questions on your notebook / smartphone and win a (small) price 😸 😹 😻  +
42birds: Taskwarrior For Dummies +Taskwarrior is Free and Open Source Software that manages your TODO list from the command line. It is flexible, fast, and unobtrusive. It does its job then gets out of your way.  +


A Blueprint for Making Namecoin Anonymous +Namecoin aims to support anonymous name registrations, but our approach isn't to simply implement the Monero or Zcash anonymity features as consensus rules. I'll explain why we're taking a very different approach.  +
A Solution To A Problem That Did Not Exist 50 Years Ago +Lasers are a relatively young technology. Nowadays they are an essential part of our world's technology, but have you ever wondered how they work? We are here to tell you!  +
A glimpse at the debate regarding the right to Internet access +The right to Internet access is a debatable topic and this presentation aims to point out some of the arguments against considering it a human right. The criticism is meant to show some weak parts of this notion, so that it can get improved overtime and clear out the doubts.  +
A novel heating method for coffee +A not so serious talk about an coffee heating device which uses the in-situ resources at the office and the responsible use of modern manufacturing technologies for manufacturing prototypes of said device.  +
A personal epiphany and endless inspection! Meet Sophia! +Thomas Schoenberger, Polymath, Composer and Historian has created the first ever YouTube treasure map. What began as a quest to gather some of the most interesting minds and souls on this planet has now become a garden we can all tend together. Let us share ideas and clues together. cryptographic puzzles, classical music, visuals, phi, privacy, golden ratio, leonardo da vinci, wisdom, history, alchemy, treasure map,  +
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