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Description We focus on self-empowerment, collaboration, creative action and the exchange of knowledge with an activist scope.
Members Andorra, Baldo, Bobo PK, Braunbart, Compl4xx, Cryptix, Esflackert, Katze, Kehehehehe, L0la, Luroc, MoMo, Rek2, Ronne Mübeck, Unterallersau
Projects 1bätsch, AllesAllen, Fake Reality, Nerd knowledge playstation, Nonstop Schwitzen Media Broadcast Chanel, Reclaim ClubCulture, Spieleberatung, TALEnet
Self-organized Sessions Anarchist hackers - Hispagatos International anarchist-hacker collective, Chinas social credit system ! CANCELLED !, Clubkultur, was ist das eigentlich und wer soll denn das bezahlen?, Disobedient Art / Public Space - Kunst, Politik, Intervention, Endstation Meetup, Express and Extended Taro Sessions with Binaural Music, FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, Heart of Code - Creating a feminist hackspace, Hedonist International Networking Meeting & Workshop for 2018s Congress Convoy (All Interested Creatures welcome!), How to build a mobile soundsystem for protests/raves, How to make chiptune with a Game Boy DMG, Komona networking gathering, Kreatives Beschimpfen Pt. 2: Es gibt kein Battle, Open Source DJing, Paper and non-paper libraries exchange, RHIZOM festival: an intro to everything for everyone for nothing, Reclaim Club Culture: Privileges in and through Club Culture, Reclaim Club Culture: Soundradikalität und Clubkommunalität (Jukebox Utopia (WiseUp) und Lukas Fakegruber (Shituationist Institute)), SINS for LIFE, Screening: Tom Sachs - Color, Love Letter To Plywood, How To Sweep, Spacecamp, Smart Cities - reality or fata morgana ?, Talks, Tinder for Arguments – Rethinking everyday political opinion formation, Ultra low-budget 3D models that can be decorated with LEDs, Wenn die "Neue Rechte" einen so erfolgreichen "Kulturkampf" führt - können wir das als Kukturschaffende nicht eigentlich viel besser?
chaos competence center Cluster:1Komona
Tags collaboration, zineproduction, communication guerillla, social hacking, rave, creative action, allesallen, anarcha-feminism, queer, alternate reality gaming, self-empowerment, commons, anarchist hackers, i2p, anarchohackers, hacker ethics, decentralization, free software
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Projects - AllesAllen

- Mensch Meier - Heart of Code - Spieleberatung - Nonstop Schwitzen / Radraum HH - Hedos - Siebdruckwerkstatt Gängeviertel - Spreepublic - Faksepolis Siebdruck / Medien (Basel) - Infoladen / Macuco e.V. (Wien) - Vazem e.V. (repolitisierung elektronischer Musik, Zürich) - Social Space Agency (Bern/Berlin/HH) - keine Knete trotzdem Fete (HH) - Ruplundby (temp. Dorfprojekt bei Husum) - Betty & Books (fem. Kollektiv Bologna) - There is no Game - Bootscommunity aus London - TALEnet (Softwareprojekt/kollaboratives p2p Netzwerk) - Commons Booking (Softwareprojekt/ Gemeingüterverwaltung) - Queerfem. Aktivist*innen QUEER SQUAD (Sofia) - Queerfem. Code Aktivist*innen (Vilnius) - Pappsatt - Freimeuter - Nerd Knowledge Playstation

Uses money yes we handle money
Need fibre yes would be great
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Near passage whatever
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 30
Extra seats 40
Aread needed 0
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Travellers and activists gather here to share methods on self-empowerment & collaboration, social hacking, communication guerilla, creative action, rave & situation. Its about the power of solidarity and collaboration beyond time and space to face upcoming challenges and overcome supression and the whole old force. We reckon this chaos competence centre as a shared space for knowledgedrafting and blueprinting, 1 homezone, physical and social structure and a growing network. Connect to create and expand a culture that's capable of putting up a fight and gives its inhabitants a sense of purpose, selfworth, usefulness, care. + chaosmagic.

*Komona is a new word to name things that have no equivalent in our old languages. Its in between and beyond the meaning of => communication, many to many, fellowship.*

If you want to associate with 1Komona, join the virtual agora here:

We decided to have shifts to organize general needs of our space to distribute todos equally upon all shoulders. You can take shifts here