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Description selfempowerment, collaboration, activism, methodsharing

List of Assemblies in this Chaos Competence Center:

Travellers and activists gather here to share methods on self-empowerment & collaboration, life- & social hacking, communication guerilla & creative action and the power of rave & situation. Its about the need of solidarity and collaboration beyond time and space to face upcoming challenges and the imminent repression through nation states and the whole old fore. Connect to create and expand a culture that's capable of putting up a fight and gives its inhabitants a sense of purpose, selfworth, usefulness and care. We reckon this chaos competence centre as a shared space, 1 homezone, physical and social structure and a growing network.

Komona is a new word to name things that have no equivalent in our old languages. Its in between and beyond the meaning of => communication, many to many, fellowship.

If you want to associate with Komona, join the virtual agora here.