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3D Hackspace +3D printing for beginners: everything you need to know for starters. 3D printing for kids: special session for kids at the Junghackertag. 3D scan yourself. Hands on an industrial 3D scanner. Get a free 3D scan of yourself.  +


Aaaaaaaaaaaa +Session:Hebocon_Registration_and_testfights  +
Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF) +- Talk/Discussion about the "Konferenz der Informatikfachschaften", i.e. a brief introduction about the goals of the conference, ways to participate, ... - (on demand) Talks/Discussions about special topics from our area of interest  +
Attraktor +Soldering workshops (german) especially for kids.  +


Bare Metal Arduino +Arduino basics to advanced Sensors, displays, Neopixels Creating Arduino libraries Programming ATMega328 Programming ATTiny8  +
BlinkenArea +Continuous soldering workshop. We will bring some high-quality soldering irons and soldering accessories, suitable for fine-pitch SMD.  +
Bytewerk +CAN-Workshop: People gather in small groups. We explain how to use the standard CAN interface on linux. CAN-uC Workshop: People gather in small groups. We explain how to interface various microcontrollers to can-bus and talk about best practices.  +


CCCFr +augmented reality sandbox experimentation/development (planned)  +
CONGRESS SEWING CIRCLE +2 sessions per day, more if it works out well. Sewing and Upcycling-Sessions are for beginners.  +
CTJB +* sweet exchange - bring local sweets, candies, wafers, etc. from your country and you can participate in exchange from different countries  +
Chaoswelle +LIVE ShortWave Ham Radio, UHF/VHF Radio/Repeater and Digital Radio (DMR) activity, SDR Introduction, What is ham radio, building stuff  +
CocktailBot +Session:CAN-Bus how does CAN-BUS work, what's the point in using it, troubleshooting. Daily at 15.00 pm, approx 30 mins. Session:Drinks Hacking. Basics to Cocktail creation, what is key to a good cocktail; how do I substitute missing ingredients? Daily at 18.00pm, approx 30 mins.  +
Coreboot +We are doing a coreboot flashing workshop from 27th to 30th.  +
Courage Foundation +We'll be holding a letter-writing workshop throughout Congress for our imprisoned beneficaries: write a postcard to Chelsea, to Jeremy or to Matt.  +
Curry Club Augsburg +We will have some lectures and workshops about mathmatic and functional programming topics.  +


DL0MUC +Maybe Antenna or SDR Workshop  +
Digitalcourage +Speakers Sofa is an open stage. The topics of the sessions are yet to be announced.  +
Doubleoctothorpebuero +Build your own cyberified lucky cat! (soldering, microcontroller) Juggling meetup Tea time Recycling of Cells from dead and unused rechargable battery packs  +


Electronic GeekBag +Make your own geekbag with blinking LEDs and sensors! We will show you how to make your own geekbag with a cat, ghost or self designed motive and blinky LED-eyes (even programmable if you like). No experience with sewing or electronics necessary – just bring some curiosity and a bit of time. You can buy all the material that is needed directly on place.  +
European CERTs and CSIRTs +It is a bit difficult for us to plan a session. Simply because this is really a harsh and time consuming job (do NOT let any uppity antivirus or security vendor guy tell you otherwise). Most of us will come "straight from the field". We might play a tiny violin in addition to slow-rap lamenting the decline of the internet as a platform for human progress and collaboration towards a better future. However, if someone needs a spy stabbed (hard) just send them over.  +


Fedora Project +We are discussing to hold a workshop about RPM packaging to be able to contribute packages to the Fedora project as a package maintainer. Also a session describing all the areas Fedora is involved in and the services that exist besides the packages that can be installed in the distribution is a possible topic. If you have a request for a certain Fedora related session, please let us know.  +
Flunkyground +Flunkyball games  +
FlyingObjects +Build you own Copter - Q&A Session (2h) Indoor Racing Demo (safe, of course) (1h)  +
Foodhackingbase +kombucha is easy - workshop on how to make kombucha probiotic drink using SCOBY cheese tasting- international cheese selection to taste with guide experimental incubator project - lets build and test together another prototype of our incubating machine which is usable for wide variety of fermentation  +
Free Software Foundation Europe +We are running a call for sessions  +