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Ralph Holz

Description Hackers Against Censorship and Surveillance (HACAS)
Members Docmalloc, Grothoff, LynX
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Subassembly of NoisySquare
Registered on 7 November 2013 18:19:16
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes We are planning on co-locating with GNU/Consensus and #youbroketheinternet, an initiative of the Wau Holland Foundation. Please place our assembly right next to the WHS stand.
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Seats needed 20
Extra seats 15
Assembly specification
Planning notes Please place our assembly right next to the WHS stand. Also, we appreciate people dropping in to chat and hack, so it's better if you can find us easily.

Our assembly creates a place to meet, chat, and get organised, for all hackers with an interest in anti-censorship, censorship documentation and anti-surveillance projects. Last year's GNUnet and Crossbear will again be there. GNUnet will focus on hacking P2P applications (see URL). Crossbear is about detecting and tracing SSL/TLS Men-in-the-middle, an initiative by the PKI team at TUM, who also have some ideas about censorship documentation approaches. Everybody is invited to join us, come over for a chat, socialise and of course hack.

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