Description Since summer 2013, we face a lot of CryptoParty visitors never seen before in a hackerspace.

We invite all people having organized such a talk or hands-on workshop to come in, share insights and fails. Let´s find best practises.

Type Workshop
Keyword(s) social, political, software, outside, security, safety
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Subtitle Cryptoparty best practices
Starts at 2013/12/28 08:00:00 PM
Ends at 2013/12/28 10:00:00 PM
Duration 120 minutes
Location Hall F

During the last year, the CryptoParty movement did grow up due to public interest on secret service´s big data activities. In all the years before, those parties were nerd-related events, say keysigning and GPG workshops more or less. But since summer 2013, we have to face visitors of nearly all ages, many technical newbies, journalists, parents and teachers never seen before in a hackerspace. All of them exspected to learn how to counterfight mass surveillance. All of them did bring in their individual privacy protection demands, political opinions and technical backgrounds.

For organizers, this is indeed a new challenge, especially how to prepare for a sustainable hands-on workshop by inviting visitors to bring in their own devices.

  • Did you host a Cryptoparty, CryptoWorkshop, Privacy Self Defense Course, Surveillance Awareness Training or similar ?
  • Did you join such kind of event during the last months and left with a bunch of event improvement suggestions ?
  • Are you planning to start your own course with an innovative idea of presentation or organisation worth to share ?

We invite you all to join us in this workshop. We will share our insights and discuss typical fails.

The world desperately needs a lot more of such events. Let's team to develop common best practices.

This workshop will be organized as a Barcamp

Here is a bunch of themes we may work on. Feel free to list your quest below.

Some non-technical quests (incomplete;):

  • Why Cryptography seems to be too complicated and how to overcome
  • How to deal with nerds vs. non-nerds sitting in the same room?
  • Frequently asked off-topic questions, how to keep the focus
  • Advertising for an audience you want to be prepared for
  • Pure crypto focus vs. general hints for future freedom survival
  • Balancing time schedule, Talk vs. Workshop
  • Balancing individual support vs. standard receipes
  • Which topics are everyone´s must have, which are special interest only?
  • One big event or a series of smaller events ?
  • Beyond the Party: Other ways to spread the word (podcasts, theater, online courses,...)

Relevant topics worth to focus on ?

  • eMail,IM and data storage cryptography
  • meta data suppression/obfuscation
  • identity management
  • anonymous traffic
  • tracker-block
  • wireless
  • mobiles
  • facebo
  • ...

Your proposal is welcome! Edit here

Session pad:

@MacLemon talking about experiences made in over 15 CryptoParties in Vienna/Austria and why didactics matter

@Cryptopartyffm 'Hark the Crypto-Angels Sing': Making #CryptoParty sustainable & scalable

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