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Contact [[Has contact::lynX]]
Description [[Has description::Moved to Projects:We'll Make Us A Gnu One]]
Members Hellekin, LynX, Qbi
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions Authority-free Onion Routing with BRAHMS, Comparing Architectures for a new Internet, EDN meets GNUnet and OpenWRT, How to do mail, social and secure multicast over GNUnet, Peering up the GNUnet for Datalove, Post-Quantum CADET, Progress on Taxable Anonymous Micropayment, Reproducible Linux distributed via GNUnet File Sharing, Stopping the Wild West Web, Tor Relay Operators Meetup, Tor Services using GNS, Wednesday Berlin YoubroketheGrill Chill Out
Subvillage of Village:La Quadrature du Camp
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Tags edn, social swarm, gnunet, tor, ccc, secushare
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This is a subvillage of LQDC. Our sessions are filed under the Projects:We'll Make Us A Gnu One project.