LaQuadratureduCamp TeaHouse Inventory

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Here is an inventory of what we bring to Village:La_Quadrature_du_Camp's Tea House!

Feel free to bring some of your most delicious tea leaves and share them around! <3


  • 700g Lung Jing (Green, China)
  • 450g Darjeeling - orange pekoe (India)
  • 400g Pu Er Grand jardin (fermented, China)
  • 200g Pu Er Tibet (fermented, rare and amazing)
  • 200g Darjeeling Spring Blend (highly caffeinated, little oxydized, India)
  • 200g Kinihira O.P.1 (black, Rwanda
  • 200g Kinihira (green, Rwanda)
  • 200g Tie Guan Yin (blue, China)
  • 200g Genmaicha (green with baked rice beans, Japan)
  • 100g Kukicha Karigane (green, amazing and rare, Japan)
  • 200g Pai Mu Tan (white, China?)
  • 200g Qi Men Superior (black, China?)
  • 230g Lapsang Souchong (smoked)
  • 60g Tarry Souchong (strongly smoked)
  • 100g Half smoked white tips
  • 140g Chai Massala
  • 400g Yerba Maté (Argentina)
  • 300g Gunpowder+ organic Mint
  • 200g Brazilian Guava


  • 1050g Jao Gulan (China)
  • 450g "pisse-mémé" (cammomille etc.(
  • 100g Rooibos (Rote Kreuze)
  • 200g Tulsi
  • 200g Rose Petal
  • 200g Lavender


  • 40g White Bai Mu Dan
  • 35g grand Yunan
  • 40g golden Pan Yong
  • 30g dian hong