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Contact Contact for further information.
Description Village for families
Members 4rOs1s, 5solids, Alexdee, Amir, Aqntbghd, Arne, Baccenfutter, Becha, Brightbyte, Cookie, Crashc0de, DarkRiver, Dondario, Doozer, F0086, Fightling, Fooker, Gramels, Hbr, Hermez, Iggy, Iksypsilon, Itsme, K, Kellerben, Laika, Lemmster, Libellula, MartinG, Mcarne, Melle, Midor, MischpoCHE, Moritz,, Murxmaster, Pliie, ProtofALk, Sharon, Simonox, Smay4finger, Taarek, Truemmer, Verena, Vvk, Wabu, Wermter, Wotschie, Yako42
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Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power
Power comment
Village plans ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... run a kitchen for our citizens
Village constraints We are a quiet village and will not make much noise. So we like to be placed on a quiet location., We would like to have trees on our village area
Village comments plans Community kitchen for the village. Fridge is needed.
Likes to rent a tent No
Descibing tents to rent
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Has plans with tracks
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Has order interest No
Planning notes


Family-Village on IRC: in #camp-family

What is the Family-Village

A camp-site (especially from hackers) can be a somewhat chaotic place. Thousands and thousands of people, cables, tents, wiring, assemblies and electronics in all shapes in sizes. Even though most of us experience every camp as a one-in-a-lifetime memory and will actually save up vacation days only to be able to attend it, you are perhaps wondering if it is a smart idea to bring kids or even infants into this potentially unsafe environment. That is what the Family-Village is for!

Family-friendly (actually: kids-friendly) camping.

The main idea is to concentrate all families with kids together in an area, provide the necessary infrastructure and by doing so enable them to organize the rest with each other. Additionally, having a designated area compensates for the fact that college student hackers and hacking parents have a fundamentally different understanding of safety concerns when it comes to cabling, large assemblies, etc..

Where is the Family-Village

The family-village will be located at the north border of the camp site. This is mostly due to the fact, that the north area is naturally the kids area of the Ziegeleipark itself. There is a huge playground (approx. 100m x 50m) with a big slide, a rope winch, a big sand hill and much more. As a matter of fact, we will be using large parts of this playground as camping area and call it family-village. :)

The entire area is closed in the sense that it is somewhat surrounded by hedges, but also open in the sense that these hedges have huge gaps. There a some small to medium sized trees widely spread across the area - nothing much that would provide natural shade. I'd say that more than 2/3 of the village will be directly exposed to sunlight - maybe more. Using the trees to attach large sails and tarps is definitely an option! To come up for the tough sun exposure, the family village is also pretty exclusively exposed to the Ziegeleipark's beach side. That is right, there is a small natural pond, it has a beach on camp-site right in our village and we will be able to use it.

There is also a small rest-room facility from the Ziegeleipark on the east side of the family-village and it looks like we will be able to use it during camp. The "track-north" area will be just south of family-village - like roughly 30-60 seconds away.

Here is a map of the camp-site: Interactive, Static

Here is a interactive street-view of the family-village

Here is an areal shot facing east-south-east: (Family-Village is on the lower left corner of the shot.)

Village Map

Community Kitchen

Ohai, User:andreasdotorg here. I'm very much interested in having a working community kitchen, including buying supplies and arranging cooking. Contrary to popular belief, things don't organize themselves, so I try to do this for our kitchen now.

For equipment, I'll start a list of things we want to have and things people committed to bringing.

For groceries, we will have a fixed sum per day and person that we use for grocery shopping. Sum depends on the age, and breaks down like this:

  • Adults and kids 12 years or older: EUR 10/day
  • Kids between 7 and 12 years of age: EUR 6/day
  • Kids between 2 and 6 years of age: EUR 3/day
  • Kids between 0 and 2 years of age: free if adults participate

A day is roughly a 24 hour period, so if you arrive Wed 12th noon and leave Tue 18th noon, that would count as six days.

I'll contact regional farms, bakers, dairies, butchers etc., and ask them to deliver to us every day. Goal is to have breakfast and lunch, and at least one warm meal per day, probably in the evening. If you think this is a good idea, and you'd like to join, please indicate so in the table below!

We have a list of dinner dishes we want to cook. A vegetarian option will be available too.

Generally, all families are expected to bring and clean their own dishes for the meals. We'll try to have a sink for the cleaning.


Feel free to add what you think is essential and should be there, or what you have and would want to bring. Please keep in mind that electricity is a scarce resource, the fridge is already pushing the boundaries, but I think it is strictly necessary in a space with small kids.

We will, however, have a clay pizza oven with wood firing constructed on site! In addition to that, we will hopefully have open cooking fires. This will all hapen in accordance with existing safety regulations, of course.

Thanks for all the offers of fridges and cookers in the caravans. I think they're in no way suited for the amount of people we want to feed. They're good as personal (and your neighbors) backups, but we shouldn't count on them for main cooking.



  • Large cooking equipment (bowls, large ladles, large serving plates, etc.)
  • Power distribution
  • Power cables

Grocery shopping list

Just a sketch now of what I think we need on a daily basis. Will be refined once we know more. I'd really like to source everything locally and fresh (organic is too expensive, sorry for that). List of suppliers maintained here:


  • Bread
  • Rolls


  • Fresh milk
  • Butter
  • Cheese


  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Jam


  • Ham
  • Cold cuts

Supermarket stuff

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Spices
  • Oil (for salad and cooking), Vinegar
  • Pasta, Rice
  • Large canisters of still water

(but maybe these things can be brought by us and shared? update: well, if I see how many we are - forget it ;-)

Yes, I'd like to help cooking!

Preliminary dinner plan

  • Wednesday: pork roast
    • pork neck (10kg)
    • potatos (5kg)
    • random veggies (5kg)
    • greens (2kg)
    • spices, herbs, etc., tbd
  • Thursday: chili con carne
    • minced meat (5kg beef, 5kg pork)
    • dried beans (10kg)
    • onions (2kg)
    • random veggies (2kg)
    • spices (cumin, coriander, paprika, pepper, oregano)
    • mashed tomatos (2.5kg)
  • Friday: Dal (indian lentils (yes, that's vegan (yes, for everybody)))
    • red split lentils (10kg)
    • spices (panch phoron, turmeric, ginger)
    • onions (2kg)
  • Saturday: Pörkölt (that's hungarian style beef goulash)
    • beef (20kg)
    • onions (20kg)
    • paprika (1kg)
  • Sunday: pork stew
    • pork (20kg)
    • tomato paste (2kg)
    • white wine (5l)
  • Monday: beef and veggie soup
    • beef (10kg)
    • greens (5kg)
    • all the leftovers

Pizza all the time!

  • Veggie Stuff (20 Portions) Veggieshoppinglist-cccamp15.pdf
    • Wednesday: Chard Chickpea Curry
    • Thursday: Vegetable Chili
    • Friday: (see above)
    • Saturday: Stuffed zucchini with tomato sauce and a green salad (if this work with the equipment)
    • Sunday: Couscous with roasted vegetables / braised vegetables and mint yoghurt (sharp-sweet)
    • Monday: Sharp tomato and pepper soup


Camping recipes,1/Chefkoch/Die-Campingkueche-Rezepte-von-Stockbrot-bis-Pizzasuppe.html

Recipes for bigger groups that are affordable, easy to make and children like them

Recepies for large groups

Survival cookbook, or how to feed 100 people or more without stress

Recipe - to calculate material needed by person

Having cooked for a kindergarden some day´s I found that it is a lot material needed, when cooking for bigger groups. Just try this calculator (e.g. 5 days, 50 people). It´s a lot, isn´t it?

  • Yes, indeed, it's a lot. Will bring material for 250 pizzas, also preorder meat and veggies. +1

Kitchen Questions

  • Thinking wether 10 Eur/Day&Person is quite much. We might also bringt some food with us... +1
    • Ok, issue raised by multiple people. Consider this a suggestion so far, let's find a modus operandi that works for most people. There are two aspects that I think need to be solved: differentiation by age (0-2y: free if parents are in, 2-6 3 EUR, 7-12 6 EUR, might be a way), and total cost. For the latter: I'm actually very hesitant to produce three meals a day for less than EUR 10 per adult, ingredients do cost. They don't become cheaper when you bring them on their own. However, a possible way would be to just share breakfast/lunch by buying bread, cheese, cold cuts, jam, eggs, fruits etc., and do the money for dinner on a per-dinner basis. Maybe EUR 5 for breakfast/lunch? Also, it's totally ok to use the kitchen if you're not participating in the food sharing. +1
    • Well yes, some flexibility sounds good. However, meat is often a big cost factor, and there might be some vegetarians with us (are there, except me?)
      • yes, there are: vegetarian count (including you): 9
        • I suggest we have a dedicated vegetarian cook, and some extra budget set aside for vegetarian specials. There's a goat cheese farm nearby, for instance.
  • How about agreeing on lunch/dinner time?
    • As a general rule, I'd like to have a situation where hungry kids can walk into the kitchen at any time and get food without much hassle. I'd suggest "core" times for breakfast at 9:00, lunch at 13:00, dinner at 19:00. The pizza production is especially unsuited for feeding everyone at the same time, so things will spread quite naturally. There might be some big feasts where everybody will get food at the same time (thinking about roast pig or something here), we should have a blackboard at the kitchen to announce such things (and of course the jour fixe). +2
  • I wonder whether we need a day per day overview about the number of eaters, raw food needed, cookers flow, don´t want to mention cash flow ;)..... for each shift? To be honest, I´ve no solution on that, due to I never run a restaurant. Maybe there are easy way´s to organize that out there? Plus we should not forget, that food is given outside the family village as well. Maybe it is a step by step approach to first start with breakfast and pizza dinner. When it turns out that there are enough cookers and helpers to manage cooking for large groups, we will go for adding lunch as well? Plus it will be very, very warm. Lunch might be some milk shakes, frozen yogurts, smoothies, cold soups, sandwiches - easy stuff that hydrates and refreshes ourselves.
    • Yup, organizing all this will be a bit of a challenge. But when we fail, there are fallback options on the camp ground. This is a best effort plan, and it will only fly with enough help! I'll try to set up a spreadsheet later today.
      • sounds great, look forward to it. More relaxed to see this growing nicely.
      • wonderful that there are people here who have an idea of how to plan food for so many people \o/ (I am totally planless with such things :)
  • Is it possible to just join on the breakfast and the "pizza all the time" and skip the other meals?

Activities for kids

This section needs to be filled in. By you! We have a circus tent that you can use, but we need activities and a schedule for that.

List of activities

  • Making paracord bracelets (andreasdotorg)
  • Buildung a geodesic dome out of slatted bed frame (midor)
  • Paper plane competition (5solids) - The goal is to build a DIN A4 paper based plane that flys/glides the longest distance. Throwing will be done by a catapult built with Fischertechnik.
  • Creating little figures from parts of outdated computers: CPU Coolers, Fans, Cables, Harddrives etc. (cstege)


  • Is is possible to be part of the family-village using a caravan? Camping in tends is not always easy, specially with small children. If this is not possible can we create a quite and child save caravan area? (+6 for this question)
    • Please see FAQ. In short, the answer is yes, there will be a dedicated area in the family village, which will even allow caravans to enter and leave at any time.
  • I am not sure about the organization, i think we need to talk about the initial setup and how much space is needed. We are not a group of people who already know each other. How we are going to organize ourself? --- some kind of etherpad? -HermeZ
    • What is it you want to organize? The infrastructure of the Family-Village is organized by the Camp-Orga - there will be water, power, internet and even a large tent. Everything else is organized by the individual campers on site and kind of grows together on days -1 and 0. The Camp-Orga even provides a wiki we can all use to collaborate and organize togethe. I see absolutely no need to spread organization over several 3rd-party tools outside of the Camp-Orga's infrastructure.
    • is part of the official event infrastructure and there if you need it.
  • How can we be part of the village?
    • Simply by showing up and being there. The Family-Village is not an exclusive space, nor does it organizationally belong to anybody specifically. What defines the Family-Village is, that the Camp needs an area for young families, where rules about safety can be applied in a more strikt sense without blowing the fun for everybody else. It is a kids-friendly space, that receives special attention from the Camp-Orga due to all reasons being. It is not a special club or group of people that initially knew each other. If you are coming with kids and you are looking for a space that doesn't necessarily throw cables all over the place, that doesn't build large and potentially risky assemblies, that is not loud during night-hours and that has many other families around to help each other out, then you can (and should) be part of the Family-Village. Looking forward to seeing you there. :)
  • In the street-view above you can clearly see the small train that is located almost in the center of Family-Village. What are we going to do with it?
    • I have just learned, that it will be adequately secured and lightened by the camp-orga.
  • Will anybody bring power distribution, or is this an unsolved problem? We could rent some from [1] if needed.
    • I will check ours by tomorrow, mybe it is big enough -- negativ, can't take it with me, to much cabeling to do
      • instead i will bring a big outdoor extension reel
  • As there are at least three babies in the critical age < 9 month: is anybody not vaccinated against measles?
  • To those that are already there: How is the situation? Already pretty crowded in the camping area? Are there any things those of us how come later can bring? Anything missing?


  • To get an overview: how much power and power sockets are needed?
    • I think we need one CEE 32A to 6x 16A Schuko for both the kitchen and the circus tent. On top of that, CEE cables to get from connection points to the tent. Then, breakout for caravans and individual tents, which someone would need to do a rough estimation on.
      • The circus tent will go where?
  • Do we need lights for the community tent and kitchen?
    • Resounding yes. Energy conserving lights (LEDs) much appreciated.
  • votan will bring a 16A CEE to 3x 16A Schuko adaptor
  • votan reserved the last CEE 16A at L13 in the caravans row
  • the power boxes (L15-L18) around the playground are pretty much unclaimed yet (as of 2015-08-10).
  • I can also bring an outdoor cable reel that has 4 plug sockets (50 m) - I could maybe bring another one with 15 m. And some plug boards (Steckerleisten)


  • Maybe it would be helpful to share our twitter nicks or create a group chat for family camp?
  • It would be nice to have something like an shared pool of Outdoor-Toys (tricycles, scooter, Sand-Toys, etc.) available. If the toys have name-tags this could work. What do you think?
    • Please bring cool toys! Mark your toys with a waterproof marker so that we can use them collectively in the family-village.
  • We should organize a big community tent where kids can play if the weather is bad or we want to have some sessions.
    • we will have an open kitchen tent and an addition 14m circus like tent
      • Please specify: how big will the kitchen tent be? When will it be set up? Where will it be set up? Is this provided by the orga or someone of us? If the latter, who?
  • What about a shared child care? Something like you mind the kids for 2 hours and "earn" 4h of child care for that? Similar to the Engelsystem. Or will child care be organised centrally anyways?
    • Because of insurance issues It's problematic to organize a kids care officially. But I think with a simple black board it will be easy for the parents to organize themselves.
    • How do we deal with the nearby lake? On one hand it's a gift, but on the other hand it might need special parental oversight. What do others think?
  • Fishing-Lights (a.k.a. Knicklichter) help locate kids in the dark.
    • What about GPS tracking? just kidding ;)
    • "Warnwesten" are helpful, too. Your Kids will glow in the dark. :-)
  • small sandbox and possibly small pool close to the Family Village for small children (<2 years). Older kids can use the excellent on-premise playgrounds
    • There is a huge hill of playing sand already at the perfect position
  • we could have language sharing sessions, if your kids (or you) speak more than one language they can play to exchange words and pass them around in different languages
    • GREAT IDEA? Who's was it?
    • Look in the history (either for that change or the original one ;) )
  • wristbands for the kids, to note contact options of attached adults (GSM/DECT/PMR...), kids and/or attached adult name and village etc. so the kids can room around freely and if lost be easily returned ;) (like those used in hospitals :
    • +1 for wristbands. in other camps we additionally wrote the kid's name plus parent contact info on painter's tape (malerkrepp) and taped it on the clothing.--Iksypsilon (talk) 10:11, 28 June 2015 (CEST)
    • We just talked about wristbands and came to the conclusion that we should just write the DECT and GSM with a pen onto our daughters arm or ducktape it to her clothes as stated above. Less effort, same effect.
    • Because the camp costs already exploded we should try to hand make some wristbands for the kids. Maybe within a printing workshop?
    • as stated below mcarne will bring 100 Tyvek bands. Should last about 3 days given the typical wear & tear
  • PMR handsets (aka PMR 446 aka walki talkie at 446 MHz). We'll bring 4 Handsets, so our kids can explore the area on their own. If other parents have compatible devices, maybe it's possible to have a "parents' channel" to organise stuff / watch out for other kids / $YOUR_IDEA_HERE. We can highly recommend the "AUDIOLINE PMR 16" handset (a pair is about 25 bucks at the big warehouse).
  • Daily Jour Fixe: Participation entirely optional, but it would be good to get to know everybody living in the village and especially matching parents with kids. 10:00 in the morning, every day, in the kitchen tent. +1 5solids (talk) (I think having this is key!)
  • RC car track: How about bringing some (electric) RC cars along and see if we can get some track layed out using for instance barrier tape (DE: "absperrband").
  • How about soldering events for the kids? Nothing really planned yet but... See Session:Camp_macht_Schule
  • Fischertechnik: It might become a mess (small parts/who owns what), but how about bringing some Fischertechnik and building stuff with it? Today in Tumingen (50th birthday party of Fischertechnik), we saw someones "paper plane throwing machine" which might be fun to replicate and have a competition on the best paper plane design.
  • There is some water and I would love to build a small (or big) raft. I will bring some wood, lots of rope and hopefully will manage to find some empty clean canisters. If more people bring some floating materials, we will be able to build a bigger raft.** I will try and bring a small boat
  • Do we need little loudspeakers for the circus tent?



  • Pool - we can bring a kids-pool, about 1.5m x 1.5m and ~30cm deep.
  • Child-Care - We are interested in child-care service but also wiling to actively participate in the rotation. (we speak: DE/EN) +1 +1


  • If we have enough trees adequately planted i could bring at least five hammocks and make a hammock-village there. (underlying message: bring more hammocks ;) )
    • I think hammocks will be great. I didn't check the distances yet but there are some usable trees
  • I've started setting up some hammocks near the swings with steel metal beam frames :)


  • I'm a kindergarden teacher. Can bring a big outdoor Mikado and my "Schwungtuch/Fallschirm" (can enthrall many children for an hour). Can organize some games with it if wanted.


  • 2 Hammocks ;)


  • will bring chalk, colours, paper etc., and some outdoor toys. interested in organizing group activities or cooking together for the kids. --Iksypsilon (talk) 10:03, 28 June 2015 (CEST)



  • we will bring a big Tent (kind of yurt) for daily activities
  • Solar 100w on top of the Caravan -- usefull for days without official power
  • outdoor extension reel
  • miscellaneous toys


  • me and my daugther (2,5 years) would like to join the familiy village, if possible
  • we are interested in organizing group activities or cooking together for the kids
  • 1 Hammock, 1 nest swing (she calls it hamock ;-))
  • we can bring a kids pool an other outdoor toys like soap bubbles


  • long power cord
  • slack line
  • RC car
  • barrier tape for a potential RC car track ("absperrband")
  • DIN A4 paper (2-3 packs of "Kopierpapier")
  • open: we could bring a smaller kids pool, but are likely to arrive not before 13th. So still possible to fill it?


  • 400W solar energy system with batteries and USB charger module
  • One hammock.
  • Kitchen gear, see kitchen section.


  • Hammock
  • We will bring 200 fishing lights
  • For the smaller kids we can bring some bags of sand (Spielsand) to have a separate sandbox for them. Anybody interested?
    • Sand is already at the place and a huge play ground too!


  • we can bring BobbyCar, maybe scooters
  • also sand toys, outdoor mikado, frisbees, diabolo, ball
  • outdoor cable reel
  • light chains
  • neon lights / Knicklichter
  • group activities/cooking together sound good


  • 100 Tyvek wristbands for 'labelling' the kids
  • hammock
  • bottle rocket lauch facility; needs improvement ;-)
  • 50 W solar panel to charge mobile devices & batteries before we have central power


  • 100 fishing lights
  • 12V cooler (not sure how helpful this will be in beginning without electricity and later with power limitations)
    • Actually, this will be very useful, as we hopefully will have a 12V-based solar power supply. What capacity has the cooler?
      • around 25-29l. I can fit in eight 1l bottles standing and 2 lying on top. Power consumption is 36Watt. I will bring it.
  • solar shower


  • 30m cable reel
  • ~50 fishing lights (sorry, not functional any more)
  • 2x hammock
  • small awning
  • duct tape (to tape up extension cords and other dangerous stuff)
  • some kitchen gear
  • slackline
  • Soldering iron and other tools


  • Mölky (nice outdoor game)
  • Tools to repair electric stuff


  • interested in the childcare rotation system, can also do some shifts
  • can offer book reading for kids on rainy days (in English or German)
  • street chalk
  • some children's books for rainy days or for reading in the evening (suitable for kindergarten age)
  • shovels and small buckets for playing in the sand


  • interested in the childcare rotation system, can also do some shifts
  • making street chalk ourselves (with interested kids)
  • building vibrating (scrabble) bots with small motors. will bring 20 motors + decoration; need batteries (AA/AAA) + cable (soldering optional)


  • 5 W solar panel (12V + 5V USB) to charge mobile devices & battery packs
  • power-adapter 1x 380V CEE 16A ("Drehstrom") to 3x regular 230V (separate phases @16A each)


  • hammock
  • small pool
  • small boat (1 adult, 1-2 kids)


  • large BBQ Grill for kitchen (gas)
  • a pavillion tent for shade
  • 3 Bierbankgarnituren
  • RC cars for kids and larger kids
  • 50 m Cable Reel
  • small winecooler you can judge as a real fridge (and spare consumption friendly compressor cooler)
  • LED lights for pavillion


  • 500m * 7mm polypropylene rope
  • Tarp
  • Tools (saw, axe, shovel), zipties, gaffa
  • Toys
  • Hammock
  • LED lights
  • interested in the childcare rotation system, can also do some shifts


  • Power cord
  • Some ropes
  • Puzzles


  • DnD-like game for kids age 7+ (English) - Adventure Maximus
  • If anyone wants to explore minecraft and or minecraft hacking, we can help set that up

Petra & Andy

  • 1 Bierbankgarnitur (enables 10 adults to sit and eat)
  • 1 small children table with 4 chairs (enables 4 children 1-6 years to sit and eat)
  • 3 jars with homemade jam (Frankonian reneglo, I think)

Familie Schulze

  • 3x 15m outdoor power cord
  • some juggeling things (balls, diabolo, devil stick, small unicycle)
  • rope
  • awning

Who's around?

Shall we compile a list of the village inhabitants? I think it would be good to get an overview how many kids in which age range are around, if we want to organise activities.

Camping Area

Who DECT Arrival Departure Kids Language Accommodation Community meals (EUR 10 per day and person)
Adults: 86 Kids: 92
iksypsilon, melle 6644 Aug 10 Aug 17 Max (7), Arthur (5), Franz (3) Parents speak De and En, Kids De
Michael, Sayan Aug 13 Aug 18 Gregor (6), Amadea (5) DE/EN, kids FR Tent undecided
Aqntbghd, Space Aug 11 or 12 Aug 17 Daughter (7), Cousin (6) Parents and Kid speak En/Fr Big Tent + Gazebo if needed
delphiN, fritzoid 9480, 2536 Aug 09 Aug 20 Mati (3), Max (1) DE/EN (ES) big tent
bacce, c_necce Aug 09 or 10 Aug 19 or 20 Luise (2) DE/EN tent
murxmaster, Tanja Aug 13 or 14 Aug 16 or 17? Pauline (0.5), Moritz (3), Felix (6) DE/EN, kids DE big tent
mischpoChe Aug 11 or 12 Aug 17 Madita (2,5) De/En, kid De tent yes
Olaf, Sophie Aug 13 Aug 17 Mie (7), Ed (5) De/En, kids De tent
la23ng, claudia Aug 13 Aug 17 Tilman (14), Clarissa (13), Jonas (14) De/En tent(s)
User:5solids Aug 12 Aug 17 Kate (7) DE/EN, kid DE medium tent + outdoor shade undecided
TomTom 2812 Aug 09 Aug 17 Daniel (7), Janek (4) DE/EN, kids DE big tent yes
4rOs1s, Freya Aug 10 Aug 17 Linus (3) DE/EN, kids DE tent
wof Aug 10 Aug 19 David (9), Magdalena (7), Xaver (4) DE/EN, kids DE big tent
Irina, Benjamin Aug 12 Aug 17 Sora (2) DE/EN tent yes
User:Itsme Aug 12 Aug 17 Filip(7), Jan(9) NL, DE small tents
hbr Aug 11 Aug 16 Son(4), Daughter(1), DE/EN tent yes
Anna Aug 12? Aug 18? Ida(3), Louise(8), Clara(10) DE/EN, kids DE 1 big tent
Stine, Markus Aug 13 Aug 17 Benno (1.5) DE/EN, kid DE tent yes
Nora, Arne 2379,7923 Aug 10/11? Aug 18 Tage(3), Arik(1) DE/EN, kids DE 1 big tent yes
Gloria, Sebastian 2377 Aug 12 Aug 17 Johannes(5) DE/PT/EN, kid DE/PT 1 medium tent
Ina Aug 12(?) Aug 16(?) Son (9) DE/EN, kid DE tent yes
Arndt (User:mcarne) 2330 Aug 10 Aug 18 Linus (6) DE/EN, kid DE large tent + canopy/tarp yes
pat (fightling) Aug 3(?) Aug 20 Marla (10) DE/EN, kid DE tent yes
diotleib Aug 12(?) Aug 16 daughter S (6), daughter Y (4) DE/EN, kids DE tent
User:Flavius62 Aug 11 Aug 15 son (10) DE/EN, kid: DE/EN/FR tent yes
Geli,Falk Aug 13 Aug 17 Ronja (6), Jaro (3) DE/EN, kid DE tent yes
Anna, Matthias Aug 13 Aug 17 Luise (2) DE/EN, kid DE tent yes
Bea, User:F0086 Aug 12(?) Aug 17 son (2) DE/EN, kid DE tent undecided
gramels, +1 5005 Aug 8 Aug 18 girl1, girl2 (2,5) DE/EN, kids DE large tent & pavillion for shade yes
User:crashc0de, Daniela 5150 Aug 10 Aug 17 Philip(10), Fiona(8) DE/EN, kids DE big tent
User:K, Julia Aug 12 Aug 16 Kid1(3), Kid2(0) DE/EN/FR/ES/PT, kids DE/ES/EN tent
User:Laika, User:Konrad Aug 12 Aug 18 2 girls(3 and 4) DE/EN/FR/ES, kids DE tent
Elke, Stephan 7744, 7755 Aug 11 or 12 Aug 17 or 18 Jannik (8), Ronja (6) DE/EN, kids DE big tent
Wolfgang, Eva-Maria Aug 12, Aug 14 Aug 17 Daughter (1.5) DE/EN, kid "DE" small tent yes
gtz, drachenfliege Aug 12 Aug 18 daughter (5) DE/EN, kid 'DE' small tent yes
Pia, user:iggy 4449 Aug 11 Aug 18 Gabriel (2) DE/EN, kid 'DE' big tent probably
I, flobo 6989 / 6988 Aug 12 Aug 18 Klara (1) DE/EN tent yes
user:simonox, user:yako42 6574 (SimonOx), 4544 (Yako42), 5022 (Ada), 3321 (Emma) Aug 12 Aug 17 Emma (7), Ada (5) DE/EN, kid 'DE' big tent probably
user:smay4finger, user:Libellula 4636 (smay4finger), 8642 (Libellula), 4637 (Jonna), 4637 (Paul) Aug 12 Aug 17 Jonna (8), Paul (10) DE/EN, kid 'DE' big tent yes
user:fooker, user:sharon 3005 Aug 11 Aug 18 Luke (1) DE/EN, kid 'DE' large tent yes
user:wotschie, Jenny, Kevin Aug 9 Aug 19 Natalie (7), Lucy (5) DE/EN, kids DE tent
user:pille Aug 11 Aug 18 daughter (7) DE/EN, kid DE tent undecided
schulze Aug 13 Aug 18 Son (7) DE/EN, kid DE tent yes
elu, crowzero 5167 (Lolo) Aug 11 Aug 18 Lolo (8) DE/EN, kid DE big tent, small tent yes
user:bozinsky , petra 2765 Aug 10 Aug 18 Leif (9), Lennart (7) DE/EN, kids DE big tent & pavillion for shade yes
user:Modemuser Aug 13 Aug 15 Tabea (3) DE/EN, kids DE small tent yes
olaf Aug 12 Aug 18 Jette und Ole DE/EN, kids DE tent not clear
Fabian and Katrin Aug 13 Aug 17 Mika (2) Parents: De/En, Kid: De Tent undecided
wab[u, n]inu Aug 12? Aug 18? Alan (9) De/En tent No
Ariën, Viki Aug 12 Aug 17? Kateřina (2) Arien: NL, EN, Viki: En, Cz, NL, Kid: Baby/NL/EN
User:Becha, Justa Aug 11 Aug 16 Alisa (11+), Charlie (9+) Dutch, English, Serbian Big tent, small tent, tarp; fridge, 2 hammocks maybe every second day; vegetarian only
User:Cookie, Juliane Aug 12 Aug 17 Amelie (6.98), Frederick (4) DE/EN, kid DE Tent, 1x hammocks yes
heul (heul), Alu-Li + Daughter(5) Aug 12 Aug 17 Daughter(5) de/en Alu-Li -> some fr/es/it, kid de tent probably
hann0 (Dialtone), Terran, Tai (8) and Dax (6) Aug 13 Aug 17 Tai (8), Dax (6) hann0 (Dutch/En/some DE), Terran, Tai, Dax (EN) tent gladly, but dietary restrictions are harsh, so YMMV
Ollik Aug 14 Aug 16 Tim (9) DE/EN, kid: DE tent no
cstege Aug 13 Aug 16 Bennett (9) DE/EN, Tent yes
Ben, Thomas Aug 12 Aug 18 Oskar (10), Arthur (8) DE/EN, kids: DE Tent yes
Cataspanglish Aug 12 Aug 17 Nanospanglish (13), EN/ES, kid: EN/ES/CAT/DE Tent not sure
Sascha Ka + 1 Aug 14 Aug 17 Niklas (4), Karla (5) DE/EN, kids: DE tent yes
User:Danny Aug 14 Aug 16 Connor (9), Bennet (5) DE/EN, kids: DE tent yes
Katja, Martin Aug 12 Aug 17 son (11), daugther (7) De/En, Kids DE tent no
Manu (User:Manu); Lena + 2 Kids 2801 Aug 9 Aug 17 Zoe (6), Lea (2) De/En, Kids De shiny golden dome undesided
Benjamin (User:Wo0x); Sven 5679 Aug 13 Aug 16 Anna (5) De/En/Fr, Anna: DE 2 small tents probably yes, I will catch up after arrival

Caravan Area

Who DECT Arrival Departure Kids Language Accommodation Community meals (EUR 10 per day and person)
Adults: 51 Kids: 43
musialka, hermez 3500 Aug 8 Aug 20 Juno (7), Theo (5), Milan (3) Parents speak De/En/Pl , Kids De/Pl caravan yes
Moritz, Barbara Aug 11 or 12 Aug 17 Paul (6), Ronja (5) DE/EN, kids DE caravan yes for one or two days
Petra, Andy Aug 12 Aug 16 Mina (2.7), Lene (0.6) DE/EN, kids DE caravan yes
andreasdotorg, levampyre Aug 7 Aug 18 Vincent (15), Natalie (1) De/En camping trailer yes
User:Amir, User:Kathrin, User:Taarek, User:Esther 2647, 5284 Aug 5 Aug 18 #1 (2) DE/EN 2x caravan
jörg +1 Aug 11 or 12 Aug 17 or 18 Hella (0.6) Parents: de/en - Kid: babble campervan / small tent
Bine,User:Moritz Aug 12 evening Aug 17 or 18 #1 (2) #2 (0.3) Parents: de/en - Kid: de campervan yes
birgit, Robert Aug 12 or 13 Aug 17 Daughter (5), Son (1.7) DE,EN - Son struggling to learn DE, daughter struggling to learn EN :-) camper (VW-Bus) / Tent
Anne + 1 ∼ Aug 11 Aug 17 3 (10, 12, 12) DE, adults EN, kids some EN Camper + tent
lewi,defa Aug 12 or 13 Aug 17 son, 5 DE, adults EN Caravan
User:Dondario, yvonne Aug 7 or 8 Aug 20 Charlotte (0.3) Parents speak De/En/It Campervan
Myrium, Strolli Aug 10 or 11 Aug 17 or 18 Daughter (1.4) Parents: DE/EN, Kid: basic DE Caravan Yes :)
User:Falk, Mellie Aug 11 Aug 16 Hauke (9) Parents: DE/EN, Kid: DE Campervan yes
Andreas, pluto, Dominik, Enno, Jörg, User:votan Aug 11 Aug 18 5 Kids (age 3-11) Parents: DE/EN, Kids: DE 3x Caravan + tents yes: 3x adult from 13-17th (votan, Enno, Andreas) + 4 kids (2x Enno, 2x Andreas)
User:vvk, User:barbarska, Eva, Bine Aug 10 Aug 16 Bine (½) & Eva (4) Parents: NL/EN/PL/DE, Kids: NL/PL 1x Caravan undecided
User:verena, Tim Aug 8 Aug 18 8y, 6y de/en caravan yes
Elli and Hagen (User:sixtus) Aug 12 Aug 17 Emil 2.5y, Elise (4 weeks, yes she seems fit enough) Parents speak De and En, Kids still figuring it out RV Camper with 110l fridge, kitchen, warm water and solar power yes, if veggie
Cloudie and Holger (User:hollycloud) Aug 10 Aug 17 or 18 Mattis 4y de, parents en Caravan an tent undecided
Alex, 2 kids Aug 11 Aug 18 boy 10, girl 8 Kids de Camper (VW-bus) undecided
User:burns + 2 Kids Aug 12 Aug 17 Lilian (7), Malin (6) De/En, Kids De Small camping trailer + Shelter Tent undecided
Marten (User:midor) + 2 Kids 6436 Aug 11/ Aug13 (Kids) Aug 17 Timek (9), Linda (6) De/En, Kids De camper (Transit) + tent yes
mey (User:*m) 639 Aug 11 Aug 17 Ha Di (0,9) De/En bus + tent
Caroline, KaiO, NilsK 2688, 5246, 2437 Aug 12 Aug 18 Tim (5), Annemieke (3) De/En, Kids don't care Car w/Caravan + small camper (Caddy) + tent No