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We got an offer from a Hackerspace for Power-Equipment, for the villages.

Hereby we forward this to you. This is not a service from camp/cccv, we are just the messenger. Please contact the persons mentioned below, if interested. We are not responsible for any kind of damages due to these things.


We are from Stratum 0, a hackerspace in Braunschweig. We organized the Easterhegg this year and have access to power distribution stuff, which we can bring to the camp in Mildenberg. We don't want to make profit with it, but cover our costs for transport, repair, and if, replacements. We are part of the family, and just bringing our bit to make all of this possible. So before you go and buy or rent, we have:


  • Distribution box from one 16A CEE Plug to 3x 16A Circuits with 2 schuko plugs of each circuit with RCD - rent 30€ - Deposit 100€
  • Distribution box from one 63A CEE Plug to 4x 16A CEE or 2x32A CEE Circuits/Plugs with RCD - rent 55€ - Deposit 150€

Pickup & Return

All Prices are rent per unit for the time of the camp. Earliest pickup at campsite 8. August 2016 11:00AM CEST, latest return 17. August 2016 06:00PM CEST. Please bring the deposit to pickup! After return you get the difference between deposit and the price shown above. Pictures are sample pictures, you get the described things!


Please contact reneger from Stratum 0 here: (reneger (at)