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Description infrastructure and free networks

List of Assemblies in this Chaos Competence Center:

The communication infrastructure joint orbit provides space for groups and organisations building or playing with infrastructure or free networks.

We see access to communication infrastructure as a human right. It is urgently needed in crisis or catastrophy scenarios to organize help and to reconnect people with their relatives. Therefore we connect with activists in the broad field of humand aid and "search & rescue" organisations which build and provide ad-hoc basic infrastructure for people in danger.

Open infrastructure enthusiasts volunteer in building infrastructure, are dedicated to education, collaboration, and advocacy for the creation of Free Networks. We aim to promote openess and encourage people to learn about the benefits that free & open networks provide. In addition we provide resources to find free networks and learn about technologies used to build these networks.

  • Bring your devices, interfaces, stuff to make your infrastructure visible in the exhibition area.
  • We'll host a stage for talks and discussions. If you have a topic you want to bring up, just add it to the timetable
  • We hope to have a workshop space, where you can contribute by providing a workshop, tinker and solder.
  • Last but not least a chill area is iniviting you to connect with others or just relax.

Please feel free to add your assembly to the cluster and get in touch with us:

We are looking forward to collaborate with you and create a great joint space!