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Description Hackerspace in the European Commission.
Projects GNUnet, Next Generation Internet, Secushare, Taler
Self-organized Sessions (YBTI) Distributed Systems Workshop at Onionspace Berlin, GNUnet e.V. annual meeting, Make Mass Surveillance Impossible Again, Modeling Trust in a Distributed Private Social Network, Privacy-Oriented Distributed Networking for an Ethical Internet, Scalable and privacy-respectful distributed systems, Three Ways to Enhance Metadata Protection Beyond Tor, Ybti+wefixthenet
chaos competence center Cluster:Open Infrastructure Orbit
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Projects GNUnet, secushare, GNU Taler, pEp
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Our location,275.53,359.46,4.08

(CCL Hall 3, Rights and Freedom cluster, next to Whonix table)

Star Trek Next Generation Internet? Wut?

The European Commission is looking for a Next Generation Internet.
We have one. Actually, we have more than one. Neither is ready to replace the broken Internet, yet, but we should talk about it.

Don't Miss Our Sessions

They are listed in the box above as "self-organized sessions."

Additional sessions that we recommend:





Sessions that we would like to comment on:

(but we probably won't find the time to come by and say hello…)



  • That also counts for IoT.