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Website Twitter: @justhum4ns
Description [[Has description::No borders! No Nations! Just Humans! Assembly of activists from Alarmphone [1], Cadus [2], Humanitarian Pilots Initiative [3], Jugend Rettet [4], MediBüro (Berlin, Leipzig) [5], Mission Lifeline [6], Sea-Watch [7], SearchWing [8], Solidarity at Sea [9], Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Ärzte ohne Grenzen [10]]]
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chaos competence center Cluster:Open Infrastructure Orbit
Related to Assembly Assembly:Freifunk, Assembly:Komona
Tags search and rescue, human aid
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Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes DAY 1:
11:30am - "Hacking Desaster" (Saal Borg (Halle 3))/Seb (de, 60 min):
02:30pm - Just Humans - an Introduction (Open Infra Stage (Halle 2): /all (30 min, recorded: media.ccc):

DAY 2:
12:00am - "Demining ist immer noch Handarbeit" (Open Infra Stage (Halle 2))/Seb (de, 45Min):
02:00pm - "Knotenkunde" (Meet up Domo (Halle 2))/Nico (de, 90 min)) - 10 Persons or bring your own rope :)
02:30pm - "The seizure of the Iuventa" (Saal Borg (Halle 3))/Kathrin, Hendrik (en, 30min):
04:00pm - "Moonbird Operator Briefing"(Meet up Domo (Halle 2))/Ralf (60min))
06:00pm - "Alarmphone - How it works (Emergency Hotline for Migrants in Distress at Sea) (Just humans Assembly (Hall 2)/Maggie, Britta (Alarmphone) (en, 45 min): not recorded, website:

DAY 3:
02:00pm - "How technologies can have a social and humanitarian impact?" (Just Humans Assembly (Hall 2))/Maggie, Mounib (Alarmphone), not recorded, website
03:00pm - "Nautik-1x1/Wie fahre ich ein Schiff" (KoMoNa - Aquarius (Hall 2))/ Nico (Solidarity at Sea) (de, 60 min)
03:00pm - "Rescue United - Workshop zur Gründung einer Umbrella Orga für die versprengten NGOs" (Just Humans Assembly (Hall 2))/Constantin, Elisa, Marie (Solidarity at Sea, Cadus, Lifeline) (2h, dt/en): primär für Menschen, die bereits in NGOs tätig sind/waren., not recorded, websites,,
05:00pm - "Tu Frontex verklagen" (Just Humans Assembly (Hall 2))/Arne Semsrott (Verklag den Staat) (de, 30 min), not recorded, website
06:00pm - "Dr. Peng Sprechstunde" (Just Humans Assembly (Hall 2))//Dr. Peng (Peng Berlin): Du hast ein gesellschaftliches Problem? Komm zur Peng Sprechstunde und wir entwickeln gemeinsam eine Lösung und verschreiben dir eine Aktion. Anmelden per Twitter bei @PengBerlin - wir vergeben die Slots 15-minutenweise. not recorded, webiste

Day 4:
02:00pm - Erste Hilfe Kurs (Meetup Domo (Halle 2))/Elisa

Orga contact
Brings [[Brings::This is not finally set. We would like to bring 2 DOMOs ([11]) which are 25m^2 each. One DOMO to present the work of the different associated organisations / groups, including a beamer to videos from different operations. The other DOMO should be used as Workshop and "meet and chill" space.

We could bring a rubber boat but thats very likely to big inside, but perhaps something for outside... ;)]]

Projects - First Aid Workshop(s)

- Remote Hospital - "Sympartisanen Findung"

Uses money yes we handle money
Need fibre no
Extra Power {{{Extra power}}}
Near passage yes its essential
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 10
Extra seats 50
Aread needed 75
Arrival and build up 25th of December, if required earlier!


No borders! No Nations! Just Humans! This assembly is an association of activists in the broad field of search and rescue and human aid organisations, mainly: Alarmphone, Cadus, Humanitarian Pilots Initiative, Jugend Rettet, MediBüro (Berlin, Leipzig), Mission Lifeline Sea-Watch, SearchWing, Solidarity at Sea

more to come soon.....