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Description Intergalactic skill & idea sharing community
Has website
Persons working on Baldo, Cryptix, Katze
Tags skills, ideas, sharing, tale, decentralization, collaboration, participation, ssb, secure scuttlebutt
Located at assembly Assembly:1Komona
Other projects...



What problem do you want to solve with your project?

A strong civil society is based on the work of individuals who grow together to solve their problems. In this case, groups are often formed which are characterized by similar mind and skill sets of individuals involved. These "skill bubbles" mean that ideas seem unrealizable, because certain skills are missing or no meaningful field of activity is found for an existing task. Knowledge, visions and valuable abilities, which are created apart from market-driven value chains, can thus have no effect. We see a concrete lack of structures for community-spanning exchange of ideas and needed skills.

How does your project solve the problem?

As a tale:net user*, I have an account in which I name my abilities, and the possibility to enter ideas and tag them with required abilities. The mechanics of tale:net is to match registered ideas with abilities. By formulating my abilities, I influence what ideas I see and experience where my abilities are needed. Exploring the ideas expands my horizons, while the structure of tale:net animates me to think independently of my abilities and to share my ideas. If an idea speaks to me, I link with the entry and can in the comment function the implementation in the team plan.

Who is your tool for?

Within the framework of the Prototype Fund, a beta version will be developed. In the first step, we will be active in the fields of art and culture, self-organization, hacking and making. In these areas, the awareness of the abilities of each other and the need for collaboration is already existing. In the long term, tale:net wants to make the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration visible and thus appeal to people who are not yet active in comparable scenes. The goal is a self-determined civil society network, which enables collective creation and creative participation beyond profit-oriented structures of the first labor market.