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Description a mobile multi-media-art-game station
Has website
Persons working on Esflackert
Tags art, game, video
Located at assembly Assembly:1Komona
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The Nerd Knowledge Playstation is a mobile mulit-media-art-game station where users can gather, play, control and observe various in- and output-methods. It can change locales and fuse with other projects in various forms.

The Nerd Knowledge Playstation has yet to be finished and put into final form, for which i want to use my time at congress. People are welcome to use, criticize and help. Once finished, the station could also function as a mobile station for holding sessions and the like.

Originally it was one of four stations of an art installation. From each station the user could manipulate different aspects of a 360° video projection and ambient sounds. Visit the website above to see pictures. The hardware was mainly recycled parts from various electronic goods linked with arduinos. The software used for managing the various in- and outputs was Pure Data. To Do's are full documentation of all the wireing and the software. For the future the station is going to be fine-tweaked to easily adapt it for all kinds of use-cases.