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Description Fake Reality via soviet medical images

It's my visual research about soviet medical images. I'm interesting in visual ethics and aesthetics were used to show medical interventions to humans in Soviet times, how system controls us and our bodies, what influence got society during a Soviet period.

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I had to came back by time. I even wasn't born. I was born in 1982. It still was a Soviet Union. It was a time where privacy didn't exist. My body intimacy didn't exist. I was naked. I was brainwashed what is normal and not normal. I was controlled. I didn't feel my self, I had a wish to disappear. And again I have questions: Am I still a human? Who controls us and in which way? My body is political.

My digital visualization is about humans and technologies, medical - mechanical constructions, which attached to a body. Also I want to make it 'real time' for to feel a pleasure of being here and now.

Gabo Cosmo

Vilnius, Lithuania

Interdisciplinary artist, interesting in social art activities, create sexy cyborgs & taking care about humans future.