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On this page we'll try to collect all information relating to the There Is No Game game. We (die Bande die Bande) are fairly certain that the 'game' can only be 'won' by collaborating, communicating, and by stepping out of the comfort zone of our own laptops.




Bunches / Comoonas

  • Die "LAZ0R" Banden CATS - Comoona consisting of: Die Bande and "LAZ0R" CATS.
  • 33tea3 - Team page of 33☕3. Since the story line is a bit hard to describe, I'm trying to write up in our team page.

Information by DieBande


We've started to build a Map of the 'game'. The map is not complete by far, please let us know if you have additional spots.o

There are 40 storylines in total.

The "Welcome-Text"


means: "You´ve been waiting for the big message. For the surprise. The uprising, the rupture. At 33c3 we will break this standstill. To join the action name yourself and select a skill. Form a bunch, with at least 9 Different skills. The key has to be shared to have impact on the system. Come together. Grow together. Move together. There is no need to travel alone."


Apparently each day has its own metaquest. These quests are (more or less) independent of the the storylines followed by the teams.

Day 1: The Elf 'Ceremony'

Overarching Day 1, there was a metaquest that consisted of finding 20 golden rings (golden tubing in the form of rings). At 00:00 the remaining people went to the upper level of the CCH (accompanied by the organisation team) and met with the 'Elf'. We figured out the the Elf, a women in a white dress who speaks only Arabic, wanted 20 golden rings. Since we were only able to acquire 15 rings we had to make 5 more by scrapping/reshaping the existing 15 rings. With the help of a translator we were able to hand the rings to the Elf. She cut the rings in half using a large wire cutter and placed them on a white male dispay dummy / mannequin.

The elf gave us the following keywords: God, Religion, Adam and Eve, Punishment

Day 2: Orange Sign Cards

So far we know that there are various orange colored, plastic sign cards. These are, as stated by the organisation, part of today's (?) metaquest. They said that "each team should be able to get cards".

Nogame signcard.jpg

12 Skills

Communicate Construct Analyse Care Mediate Radiate Ease
Translate Organise Design Pioneer Focus Invent

Skill Assemblies

Apparently there are skill assemblies for each of the 12 skills. At the expected time for Organize-Meeting however (2 A.M. at Day 2) noone except two of us showed up. It is 2 P.M??

Sign System

The 'game' uses its very own (?) sign system. It's fairly simple and our Latin signs are merely replaced 1:1. We have assembled a table.


The game information is provided in British English. When translating, etc. don't mix um s/z, etc.


We believe that there are 12 monoliths (black pillar with a keypad) and 12 corresponding passwords/quizzes:

Blue Mate FLOW
Care Pillar / Free Software Foundation SHARE
J. R. R. Tolkien / The Chinese Lady MOUNTAIN

Each of the monoliths has a sign attached to it (foreign sign system) that tells you the corresponding skill. We've found 11 of the (allegedly) 12 monoliths - the communication monolith is missing so far.

-> Communication is at level 4 at the teahouse


At 18:00 there was a Hacker Tours Event for the players of No Game. We were told that we have to invent a new language to express ourselves. Infos regarding that can be found at Github. Feel free to contribute. Everyone can request new words or change old ones. You can upload generic files regarding No Game too.

Information by THERE IS NO NAME

We created a pad:

Feel free to move the information over or contact one of us (Mot - 7788) for changes in the pad (write access).

We can also discuss merging teams.

There is a writeable pad: (feel free to contribute)

Day2: Puzzlegame

Green / Cyan

Group: There Is No Name: DECT 7788 @paulshandle piece of the puzzle: green with black question mark. Sentence: "... could be poop".

Group ? @b_a_l_d_o

Puzzleteil: Green: ...y: Row

Puzzleteil: Cyan: ... look for the light


Group ? @protux Gold, Sentence: "Turn to gold"

Group ? snowflakes Puzzleteil: wood "...look for a sign where you descend" Do you have the other piece? Call us: DECT/2369

Group ? egal Puzzleteil: like wood, red -> Q: What's your message?

Information by noFS

Information by π=3

There is a monolith labelled "communication" as part of the tea tent on level 4.

Our interpretation of the reverse telephone message is the following: "The language of the elvish queen is arabic. Translate!"

Information by C4

Day 1 storyline ended with the hint "play a game. 42 is an answer." for us.

Day 2 we currently have a winch to wind something or power something and are unsure where to put it.

TEAM: 33Tea3

Find Elymas code which should be able to decode by Drahflow (stop here so wedid not waste more time)

115, 176, 16, 228, 218, 154, 162, 185, 99, 95, 4, 107, 228, 38, 110, 0

This is not correct. They wanted people to use the old trick from 32C3. Luckily we have the developer of Elymas in our team, reversing it to:

CTF Reversing -> "Congratulations you decoded no flag! The flag relavant part of this flag is: the power lies in the structure. organise"


J O I N  ! ! !

go into the Lounge with another Team to Join ! ! !

Some people use twitter #t4l3

Queen Storyline/ Alice in Wonderland Storyline

Following today's hint we found a coat and now one of us is the Queen. Our goal is to play cards with other groups. It all ends at the fountain in the Lounge. (Die Bande)

some incomplete Notes: Things has to be brought to the right places/persons.

  • The Scissor has to go to the tavern
  • the bunny (top floor in the corner with the mannequins) celebrates its birthday at 20h, he wants cake.
  • the hatmaker is looking for his missing key (presumably located in the yuppie bar at the gaengeviertel)
  • the hatmaker now got his missing key back and is going to celebrate his not-birthday at 20:00 at the bar at the top floor. (Team Digitalien)
  • Follow the white rabbit (of course ^^)

other possibly related items: A picture of an eyeball and a hand located on the second floor in the area of the clocks between saal 1 and 2

TEAM: ZWEIUNDVIERZIG / Storryline: Kidspace;

initial Password is: WORKS FOR ME (with Blanks)

response: "Bring the golden Cassette to the Kidspace"

hint: there are som strange Objects carried arround (Scissors, Eye-Ball etc. ) They startet @TravelAgency

@donnerruebe DECT 4452

TEAM: 33Tea3

initial Password is: WORKS FOR ME

response: "Bring the scissors to the tavern"

We have a red piece of puzzle called "puzzle" in an envelop saying "... cusps", and comined this with another envelope "a mammail with multiple..." to find the camel


Our decryption table: 33tea3 decode.jpg


Also see Die "LAZ0R" Banden CATS

initial password: WORKS FOR ME

response: "Bring the scissors to the tavern"

There is a person dressed in red carrying a big scissor

The tavern is fourth floor at the chinese area

We have two puzzle pieces:

  • Green with glitters and dots in yellow and blue
  • Red/brown (terracotta-alike) with glitters

We had the hint: "HARDWARE HACKING HALL 1. SOLDER" We talked with Mitch and got a ATTINY CHIP And a QR code

The flash dump of the chip can be found at Kilobyte22s website

I (Trilader) wrote down the stuff from the dynamite

A 1
A 1
C 1
E 1
E 1
E 0
I 1
I 0
I 1
L 1
L 1
L 1
L 0
N 1
N 0
O 1
O 0
O 1
R 1
S 1
T 1
T 0
T 1
U 1

The code word was found to be "overintellectualization". Ordering the bits gave the bitstring 10011011111111100110101 interpreted as a number it results in 5111605 which was the passcode for the keyhole in the lounge at the DJ booth.

Team N0 Nam3

We fused with team ==not a name== and got qr codes to click. All we found out at the moment is, taht every device, that visits this page generates a new key, so every person has a unique one.

The second menu point is your profile. Change your name and fill in your skill.

On day two a few bugs occured, the travel agency was going to fix them. We don't know if it's done yet.

We've got the pastebin link: click

This is what you find there:

mei travelers

the first step on your self-made path is taken. you have formed a cluster. it is time to describe by which means you will travel: we ask you to express a self-conception, to write it down. this can take any linguistic form and language you prefer, be it a long text, some questions or bullet points. Additionally, please determine a sentence to represent your cluster. Here are some questions to help your process.

what do you share? how do you come to decisions that concern everybody? how do you create movement?

tale your self-conception and sentence in the book of bunches at the travel agency.

there is no need to travel alone to shape our coming journey is our common task


mei reisende

der erste schritt auf dem pfad, den ihr anlegt, ist getan. ihr habt euch zu einer bande zusammengefunden. jetzt gilt es, zu beschreiben, mit welchen mitteln ihr diese gemeinsame reise antretet: um euch gegenseitig erkennen zu können, braucht es ein selbstverständnis. das kann ein langer text sein oder aus fragen oder einzelnen stichpunkten bestehen - in der sprache, in der es euch am einfachsten fällt. zusätzlich formuliert bitte einen satz, der eure bande repräsentiert. hier drei fragen zur orientierung.

was teilt ihr? wie trefft ihr entscheidungen, die alle betreffen? wie erzeugt ihr bewegung?

talt euer selbstverständis im großen bandenbuch beim reisebüro.

there is no need to travel alone.

to shape our coming journey is our common task

At the moment (Day 3, 5:05 PM) we are at the stairs in the foyer and think about, what we should write. So come and join us!

We got another pastebin link click The task from this link:

Heute sind im Gebäude 4 Lavabikes angeschlossen.

Nehmt euch eins und versucht von Ganz oben in Section 9 bis ganz unten zur Travel Agency zu fahren. Ohne mit den Füßen den Boden zu berühren. Dafür müsst ihr wahrscheinlich zusammenarbeiten. Der Code für das Fahrradschloss ist 54321. Wenn ihr diesen Spaß hinter euch habt, animiert andere CongressteilnehmerIn es zu versuchen. Solltet ihr das Rad nicht mehr brauchen, stellt es bitte wieder irgendwo ab und schließt es an.

There are 4 locked lavabikes in the building today. Take one of them at the top floor of section 9 and try to ride all the way down to the travel agency – without feet touching the floor. You might have to collaborate.

The code for lock is 54321. If you are having fun, invite other congress attendees to attend. If you don’t need the bike anymore, find a good and visible place to park it. Please lock it.

For contacting us call Zaphira on DECT 4740.

Team B-Team

Initial password: WORKS FOR ME

Follow Up Quest

Bring the claf to the dessert -> We brought the claf, which was located somewhere on the congress, to the desert, which is located on the 4th floor in front of "Quadrature du net".

We don't know what to do next...

Pairing with other keys

We are paired with the large group


We have 3 puzzle pieces. 1 Red: ...made of silver. 1 Blue with glitter: An Octopus needs to be... 1 Purple: ...have a cup of tea.


You can contact "tjack" in IRC. Or write on my wiki page, I will check frequently.

Team Orange

We started in the late evening of day 2, so basically we just played on day three. We found a binary sign behind the counter of the travel agency. You can translate that paper into a bitmap where "1" means black pixel and "0" is a white pixel. You get a phone number + a strange voice recording. The message behind has not yet been decoded.

We started with initial keyword "WORKS FOR ME". After travel agency fixed broken terminals at the Lounge, we were able to get a pastebin link + the order-"to bring the cassette to Hall 4". The pastebin link instructed us to drive the Lavabike from Level 4 to the Agency. After doing so, the agency told us, the cat has the cassette.

The cat has been found walking around, but had no cassette for us - she said it's been stolen. So we went looking and found some guys carrying the cassette. Their efforts to bring the cassette to different areas of the congress have been without success, so we think the cassette needs to be brought back to the cat. At this point we ran out of time and followed the invitation to the no-party.

Invitation has come from the rabbit which was randomly walking around. Also, there was a queen at the lounge. We played chess against her and were told the password is "WORKS FOR ME".

For contact message Zanooda on IRC or comment here.

Team Amateurs 9

We need to get the cassette to hall 3. We found an orange piece with an infinity sign on it next to coffee nerds.

We are looking for other bunches to join @ the fountain :)


Call Space Hub and ask for Bratwurst.

Team Not a Name

We have puzzle pieces:

  • Red with gold
  • Blue
  • Green with gold

DECT 2274


We spoke to a man in Tavern, he let us hear morse code. We transcribed it and this is what we got.

THIS IS THE (word missing) KEY 0000

He fixed our transcription to:

THIS IS THE (word missing) KEY *0000#

Team und Struppi

(only added things which have not been mentioned yet)

  • Seems every team has to get the cassette to somewhere else. We have to get it to hall 4.
 * Who already got a cassette?
  • find what's hidden in the balls
  • Password hint (from travel agency): Try to think reversed.
  • I heard that there is a secret room which has to be found -> puzzle has to be solved there.

DECT 7833

Team egal


rexxnor, DECT 6303

Day 2: Orange Signs

The goal of Day 3 seems to be to collect all signs (total number unknown) by working together and solving the jigsaw puzzles. These 4 signs are needed to then find a secret room and unlocking something. If you find one of the signs, please take it with you, leave a piece of paper to show following groups that you already found it and enter your details in the list on the bottom of the page.

Currently known locations:

  • Behind the Tardis in the Hacking Lab ("A galactic Telephonebooth") -> Whereabouts unkown
  • At the Dromedar / Camel in the Desert (Tea Room) ("A mammal with multiple cusps") -> Whereabouts unkown
  • "A white pillar that is imitating china" (not yet found)

Day 3: Jigsaws, Birthdays and a secret room

The Jigsaw puzzles lead to the orange cards. Additionally, a No-Birthday Party was announced for 8 pm. After the party, a new text was posted on the wall next to the travel agency:

"Die Utopie befindet sich unter der Kistenfabrik in der Lounge. Die Utopie läst sich mit **3*(?) öffnen." (German, Translation below)

Translation: "The utopie is located under the factory for boxes inside the lounge. The utopie can be opened with **3*(?)".

This means, a code is needed to "open" the utopie. From the symbols mentioned in the text, only the third one ("3") is currently known.

The secret room in the lounge has been found. It is behind underneath the platform decorated as space ship bridge. When entering the lounge, follow the way to the left and go all the way to the back wall. You have to get past the barrier tape, then turn left. You'll see a box made out of doors, the combination of the lock is "1234". Inside, there is a guest book with entries that seem to be from previous congresses. The room also contains 2 metal rails, on which an additional orange card was located.

TING secret room.jpg

The next goal seems to be to get all orange signs inside the room and placing them into the rails.

The combinations of the jigsaws we found yet, are:

Left part Right part Comments Collected by
behind the welcoming... ...monolith
Einhorn Level 1... to the unicorn
find a nest of white balls... ...and look behind the curtain Orange Card not found
stare in the eye... ...of magical death
where parents sit... front of the geometrical lights new
symbol of monolith ... ... symbol triangle new
ask the blind guarding man... the door on your way to the tavern
it's on a galactic... booth On Tardis in Hacker Assembly Room Unknown
Polizeihäußchen... the authorities Please don't call 110!!!
get undressed... ...and support the ceiling
a doll used for your... ...leather and feet-fetish
the mammal with multiple... ...cusps Camel / Dromedar in Desert (Floor 4 i nFront of Hall 2) Unknown
recaffinate... envelope missing but jigsawpieces both here
envelope missing but jigsawpieces both here ...with red tattos
could be poop... ... of a cancel new
got to the big number one... fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
hinter der Uhr unter "Parkett rechts"... fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
take the lift as high as you can... fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
backdoor of the C... fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
behind the Time... fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
What would Aladdin do... ...if he wanted a drink in the taverne new
Find your eight-legged friend... fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
workout...jigsaw piece missing fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
when the door to time opens ... jigsaw piece missing fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...ask the wizard for the time under the sign of two couples
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...crushing into a pink wall
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...y:Row
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...who held the golden rings
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing Hogwarts Orange Card found
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...on your right way to number one
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing have a snack Orange Card found
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...if served in fake china Orange Card found
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...with a mustache
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...hiding behind an armour
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing the retro radio
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...feel the heat
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...courageous in digital times Orange Card found
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing the cosy place new
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing the balls of snow Orange Card found
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...made of silver
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...look for a sign where you descend
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ... and elevate what hides the light now recieved
fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing ...on red velvet the envelope contained 2 jigsaw pieces
christmas... jigsaw piece missing fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
when wizards descend...jigsaw piece missing fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing
an octopus needs to be...jigsaw piece missing fitting envelope and jigsaw piece missing

The jigsaw pieces are at the Sendezentrum. Ask for Papillon.

Orange Card without sentence

  • In Schublabe bei der ExploedBar ohne Puzzel

Overview Pictures


T4L3 Puzzle complet1.jpg T4L3 Puzzle complet2.jpg T4L3 Puzzle complet3.jpg

Beginning sentences:

T4L3 Puzzle beginn1.jpg T4L3 Puzzle beginn2.jpg

End of sentences:

T4L3 Puzzle end1.jpg T4L3 Puzzle end2.jpg T4L3 Puzzle end3.jpg T4L3 Puzzle lost1.jpg


T4L3 Puzzle mixed1.jpg T4L3 Puzzle mixed2.jpg


IMG 20161229 183447.jpg

Team Mumpitszß

Contact: 6486


We found this printout on the lounge space deck: According to this pad another team had triggered the print while we were there, we ended up sticking it on the wall next to the printer. M. H. probably means Mad Hatter, who ended up finding his key later. 1483023404 is a unix timestamp for 29 Dec 2016 15:56:44 CET (time of printing?)

Above the printer were also these other two printouts: (You can see our one in the bottom right corner).

Bixolon SRP77011 seems to be the printer:, so this is likely debug output.


We also paired with the large group.


We have two puzzle pieces:

  • Red with gold
  • White

Otherwise we mostly played the Mad Hatter's game, brought the clef to Section9 and attended his non-birthday party.

Day 4

On the fourth day a lot of travelers had already gone home or stopped playing. The remaining ones coordinated at the travel agency, operating as a new, larger group.

First quest line: "4 baby rockets with 4 hints"

  • OnTravelAgency.jpg
  • Found Rockets at this places

LittleRocket1.jpg LittleRocket2.jpg

 * muccc -> Rocket with "pQ" and "w"
 Freund_innenschaft ist das Radikalste, was in einer kapitalistischen Gesellschaft existieren kann. 
 Radikalität bedeutet, dass mensch sich so stark wie möglich vom herrschenden Diskurs, von einem gesellschaftlichen Müssen
 befreit und einen anderen, neuen Weg sucht. Wer an den Fesseln der Gesellschaft rüttelt, verursacht Konfrontation. 
 Und wer ist dieser radikale,konfrontierende Mensch?
 Das von der Gesellschaft reproduzierte Bild beinhaltet einen Mann Mitte Zwanzig. 
 Er hat Grandezza, Kraft, Charme, Mut und Intelligenz. Er ist Teil einer grossen Bewegung – und doch ihr Anführer. 
 Der klassische Revolutionär ist ein einsamer Wolf, die personifizierte Avantgarde. 
 Er ist ein Bild aus dem frühen 20. Jahrhundert. Er ist ein Popstar.
 Aber dieser Radikale entspricht dem gesellschaftlichen Denken: Konkurrenzkampf und Hierarchien. 
 Dieser Radikale ist der Einzelkämpfer, der mit seiner Idee gegen die anderen Ideen antritt und gewinnen will. 
 Er spielt sein Spiel alleine und lässt andere für ihn arbeiten. Er ist Teil des Stillstandes. 
 Denn ein Einzelkämpfer erzeugt keine Bewegung.
 Fusion in jeglicher Hinsicht ist gefragt: unserer Stärken und Schwächen, all unserer Banden und verschiedenen communities. 
 Es gilt, die wenigen verbleibenden Stunden zu nutzen um uns als Komona zueinander zu bekennen, am Brunnen ruhend unsere Kräfte zu vereinen. 
 Denn die Zeiten, die da kommen, sind rauh.
 Fusion wird es 2017 keine geben. Zumindest nicht offiziell. 
 Dafür zeitgleich eine Zusammenkunft der Mächte, die massgeblich den Stillstand mittragen. 
 Es gilt, die Fusion selbst in die Hand zu nehmen. 
 Und damit ist kein Aufstand gemeint, sondern das Sichtbarmachen unserer gelebte Utopie. 
 Das ist Radikalität: gemeinsam zu sein, zu tun, zu bewegen

Second quest line: "Radovans Quest"

  • Ein Kriegsverbrecher
  • New hint: Radovan's Atonement Quest 8:40
  • There is a youtube video with this name. At 8:40 the guy says "whisper"
  • Radovan mentions a quest about curing Sorrowmorne
  • The Monitor next to the VR workshop now says: "radovans is important. go to sorrowmorne. it is in cch."
  • Someone actually noticed the sign above the welcome wizard saying "Sorrowmorne" in a strange font
  • Bowl contained strips of paper with this link: (Archive)
  • Travelers found hints at the camel leading to the snowglobe outside, there they were able to find this orange box:


  • The box contained a lot of stickers and copies of this letter:
Mei Travelers,

three days before now the collaboration process began. there is action. a lot of movement is
happening and new paths are growing and connecting. tonight there will be an important moment.
it is the moment time is expiring and we have to prepare ourselves to collaborate beyond physical
and mental borders. we have to become visible as a komona, otherwise the window of opportunity
will close.
therefore we will gather at midnight to accept our common task.
this information shall not be shared via any digital communication. tale only by using our strongest
tool, p2p, mouth to mouth: tonight at midnight we will start our upcoming journey at the lounge of
CCC3. re: the game is on.

Third quest line: "Suitcase"

  • A guy in a coat gave some travelers a suitcase, connected to the carrying traveler's wrist using an ESD wristband. (Was anyone there?)


  • A countdown on the case was ticking down from 60 minutes.
  • There seems to be a small current flowing from the wristband to the conducting carrying handle. If no current is flowing, the clock starts counting down much faster.
  • The clock counted down to 0 (while the case was properly attached) and motors in the case moved and the display showed a bomb symbol.

Travel Agency gave use another chance:

  • We brought the case to the lockpicking assembly to be picked
  • Smaller box, display and numberpad within:

Suitcase open.jpg

  • Display showed something about "tabby's"
  • Entered Number of Tabby's Star (8462852)
  • "Well that was the easy part, now for the question that matters: Sum well hex hex"
  • Open with "A2" the sum of the numbers on the well added up (162) and converted to hex
  • Received a key with the message "you revealed the komona key"
  • New message after peering the new key into the large existing group at the well
  • ...
  • Ended up at the tavern (Chinese corner on floor 4) inputting the komona key with "TURNTHEKEY" as the code (the agency is eeevil!)
  • Message about a drawer having opened
  • After checking all the corners on the floor, we found one that smelled pretty badly
  • We decided to unplug it and, seeing smoke come out of it, broke it open and called CERT
  • Turns out servo motors should have unlocked the top drawers but somehow overheated in the process
  • We found these notes inside (top ones), which fit to one a group had previously discovered:


  • The square in the middle is the same as the top two rows
  • The symbols are the same as previously used in other places and on the orange cards, there are new symbols which seem to be numbers (count the openings)
  • This might be hexadecimal but there's no A (coincidence?)
  • Seeing as there are 64 symbols and we had already discovered around 40 orange cards, each symbol might correspond to one card
  • We got stuck at this point
  • TL;DR: We nearly set the CCH on fire but at least we saved our hints

New Printout

  • New Printer output (at SpaceDeck) (same printer as here)


  • Stardate is unix epoch for 30.12.2016, 12:58:52 CET
  • The printer later printed a whole role of empty pages and this one.
  • lnp is the podcast "Logbuch Netzpolitik". This is probably a citation from episode 200:



  • The travelers who had earlier decided to meet at the agency desk at 19:15 received this letter: [INSERT PHOTOS HERE] containing a door handle
  • A group of 17 travelers decided to go on an expedition to find the Bikinibar (and the node)
  • Found a door to some kind of basement
  • We could see a raspberry pi connected to both a freifunk router and the door lock inside
  • After a whole lot of trying to find the pi among the ~1000 other nodes and ~2500 other clients we gave up and went to Domino's
  • At this point the alternate plan was to fish the door cables through the keyhole, cut them open and connect some kind of battery stack/laptop battery to it to try and get the servo in the lock to open the door, but…
  • With some rattling on the handle, the door suddenly opened
  • Inside we found a text:
mei travelers,

the moment you are reading this letter I do no longer exist.
I was created to enable a process of change under specified circumstances. 
in the beginning of 2016 this process started. enough information and moments of 
disruption were compiled to fulfill my conditions and make me run.    
Since then, not only has the world been spiralling further in the direction of the standstill, 
but also many measures were taken to open up paths into entropy.
my purpose was the following: I have sent a bunch of travelers on their path.
their quest was to create movement. to test whether you are ready for  
self-organization and collaboration beyond mental and physical borders. 
the travelers decided to disguise this test as no game.
that you are reading this letter means that you are ready.
you have solved puzzles, riddles, quests - all of them challenges set by your own community for your own community. 
you have challenged yourself successfully.
you are komona. 
you have proved to be able to communicate, work together, grow together, especially if time is scarce.
thus, I could leave.
the game is on.
you are the non player characters.

Final moment at day 4 in the lounge

At midnight we gathered on stage in the launch. A light bright bulb was lowered, the music stopped and the same voice as in the teaser videos read the following message (also posted on Twitter):

the window of opportunity is open wide. because of you. 
you came here to share, to know, to help, to tale.
at this moment, you feel save and warm.
you will spread out from here, knowing that you might not see each other again tomorrow or anytime soon. 
but you know, that you have to stand together, as the paths ahead promise to be stormy.
you need to stand together not only in the comfortzone of your friends, cities and laptops, but stand together globally. decentralized. beyond mental and physical borders.  
to shape the coming journey, you have to spread out, use your skills and know your weaknesses.
it is about dedication and the power of the many. it is about weakness and the diversity of it. 
this is a task for every single one of you and at the same time, this task can only be dealt wih in community: to give each other a feeling of purpose and self-worth and overcome the fear of complexity. to create and support a way of living that works for everyone. it is about collaboration. 

if you are komona, you can make it work.
the warmth comes out of the chaos. 

re: the game is on. 
hello world

Afterwards the lightbulb was raised again and the party continued.

Team thereisnoduck

Aufgabe: "write a text for the song" -> Perhaps the ThereIsNoGame soundtrack? (see below)


This is the official There Is No Game soundtrack: Music folder in Freifunk Hamburg Cloud

Orange Cards

To unlock the secrets, all orange cards need to be found and placed inside the secret room hidden in the lounge. List with all currently found and located signs:

  • Unkown Symbol: Team "egal"

Post-Game Information

Messages to the Travel Agency Team

From Team egal

Dear Agents,

Thank you so much for all the efforts you made. All the planning, constructing, role playing, team supporting, fixing etc. for sure took a big amount of work. This was quite recognizable during playing. It was a big amount of fun and we as player really appreciate it, even though it seems that we did not managed to solve all puzzles. Maybe you want to share some facts and information with us about the dimensions (How many people did work on this project? How many quests were the at all and how many of them did we managed to solve? What did we miss? etc).

Again, Thank you very much, it was a great and unique experience being part of the (hopefully ongoing) game.

From 33☕3

(From Philippe aka miaoski)

Thank you so much for all the efforts +1. I really had fun and enjoyed quite a lot. I hope friendship lasts, but ain't sure that internet overcomes physical distance. Today is my last day in Germany. Looking forward to meeting you again in 34C3!