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27 Years Attacks on Smartcards +We would need a wall in vicinity for projection (live microscope experiments on chips, to be projected on wall). (Beamer is of course brought by ourselves.)  +


3D printing Berlin +Just directly next to the 3d printing assembly, pls at the busy end  +
3D printing and scanning +Bright light would be nice but is not required.Taking pictures is wanted because we want to share prints, printers and all the related technology behind it. One full 16A 230V is needed for the printers and scanners. Each big printer needs about 2 A, the small one about 0.5 A each and the scanner about 4A. That gives about 15A peak, if all heated printbeds are running at the same time (rare). The idea is to create some sort of a 3d printing service desk, wehre congress visitors can get prints for their congress projects. Everything is free / give what you want. There will also be a plastic recycling unit (see the Talk re_cycle). The scanner needs 3x3m. Last year we placed it in front of the wall, which was perfectly fine. The 4 big printers need about 80x80 cm floor space (let's say 1m^2) and 2 or 3 tables would be nice for the 4 small printers and one desktop computer.  +


40 Shades of Frankfurt +Near to the related assemblies wouldn't be bad.  +


A2600 +we need Power and Network. Nothing fancy just the ususal 230V and an uplink.  +
AA Hackers +We really enjoyed the space we got last congress: Just a table within the hardware hacking area (hackcenter).  +
Amnesty International +we would love to have a place next to other surveillance activists groups like stopwatching us, bündniss gegen überwachung, privatsphäre leipzig, fiff, etc last year weve all meet at the noisy square  +
Anagrom Ataf +We loved our placement in the Quiet Area last year. Light, calm, perfect!  +
Analoge Gesellschaft +We like to be together with "freiheitsfoo" at the same table. No extra seat needed!  +
Anarchist Village +5 couches, please. We need a long strip of molton curtain hanging between the big columns on the other side from the stairs! Map showing the desired location of the curtain coming soon.  +
Attraktor +Beamer and TV needs low light  +
Awesome Retro +spacious access and a corner would be preffered  +


Berndcon +All we need is electricity and a network connection.  +
Bitcoin +we bring a small LED beamer for sessions - its an old cheap one - so a location would be perfect where ist not to bright and a wall to project on can be used. A busy area would be preferred.  +
BlinkenArea +Some space in main hardware hacking area would be best. Please, /please/ provide some rectangular tables to show projects on (member seating on one side, visitors passing/standing on other side). Ideally 2 rectangular tables for projects and 1 rectangular table for each member (we'll bring more things than just a laptop), plus a (large, round) table for soldering workshop, plus plenty of chairs.  +
Bytewerk +Please put us somewhere beneath the gallery/balcony in the hackcenter, so that we could get our flag above our table. Thanks. By the way... thanks for your great work for the congress.  +


C3D2 Penta.* +yet to come  +
C3PB +We would like to be placed in a more central location with medium noise levels and rectangular tables. We would also like to get 2x 1G copper with lacp if possible.  +
C3S +would be great to be near the fsfe assembly again, as we've already planned sessions together.  +
C4 +Together with other Chaos-West members  +
CAcert +We don't need anything special except a few seats for our Assurers and all the visitors: That's why we'd like to have 5 or more extra seats, not just 2 or 3. The number of 10 Assurers is a very conservative estimate. At peak times, I expect the number of Assurers present to be about twice as much. Any space at Noisy Square would be great, again.  +
CCC Mainz +We will have one or two Babies with us so a quiet place which isn't located in the middle of a room would be very nice. We need a wall for our beamer.  +
CCC-CH +We would like to be settled near the CCC Freiburg assembly. A shared Space with a big Table (the round ones?) would be great, the normal congress tables are too small. Also some Light would be good.  +
CCCFr +We want to placed in the Hackcenter, preferably low light condition  +
CHT / Totalism Hackbase +We'd like to set up a medium-sized (instant) tent and have projections inside (also visible form the outside), a small deck table and some chairs outside to hang out and present the base. Would be cool to build some sort of a platform for the tent (around 1m).  +
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