Description Chaos Computer Club Switzerland

Member organisations: CCCZH Zürich, Chaostreff Basel, Chaostreff Bern, Hackburg Freiburg, Ruum42 St. Gallen, Hackerfunk

Members Draemmli, Feuermurmel, Obri, Raven, The Compiler, Vimja, Wene
Projects Herbstluftwm, Qutebrowser
Self-organized Sessions CCC-CH Treffen/Gettogether, Diskussion zur Netzpolitik Schweiz
Related to assembly Luxeria, CCCFr
Tags chaostreff, schweiz, ccc-ch, electronics, hardware hacking, hackerfunk
Registered on 10 November 2015 07:54:33
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
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Note: The location on the map does not represent a reservation of a location and might not represent the actual place, where a assembly can be found. The place can be changed within the form of the assembly by anyone. It will be updated by the assembly itself on day 0 or day 1 as soon as the actual location is known.
Orga contact
Brings Soldering Iron, tools, Spare parts, Free electronic Parts for everyone.
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 32
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want quiet place, want bright light, want taking pictures banned
Planning notes We would like to be settled near the CCC Freiburg assembly. A shared Space with a big Table (the round ones?) would be great, the normal congress tables are too small. Also some Light would be good.
past congress review

Member organisations

  • Chaostreff Basel

  • Chaostreff Bern

  • Hackburg Freiburg/Fribourg

  • Ruum42 St. Gallen

  • CCCZH Zürich

  • Hackerfunk

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