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/dev/zero +31C3 was great, we were placed in a quiet place in the background and worked on our pet projects.  +


23x +space was really tight. acted as a gathering space for us. were happy with it. need more space.  +
27 Years Attacks on Smartcards +31C3 and 30C3 place both were very fine (ability for projection) ! Thanks !  +


3D printing and scanning +During the 31C3 we printed a lot of spare parts and bottle clips for attendees. We would like to repeat this at the 32C3. The requested location is the same as we had at the 31C3 and fitted our needs perfectly.  +


A2600 +last years place in the quiet area was awesome. We could realy get things done without getting disturbed. Also the round table was perfect for us. If we could get the same place again that would be great.  +
AA Hackers +This is not our first time at the congress. And not the second either. And not... ;) Each congress our assembly was moved to a new location. And each time the new location was exiting too. However, we really enjoyed the space in the hardware hacking area (last year). We head a lot of nice conversations with people interested in our projects.  +
Access Now +Idieally the EDRi assembly, to which Access Now is a sub assembly, would be near by La Quadra' Tea House.  +
Amnesty International +We talked with other groups and contacts. We've been happy with that.  +
Anagrom Ataf +See "Planning notes".  +
Anarchist Village +Great area, please place us there again!  +
Anti +It worked out quite nice last congress  + +We had an Assembly for 10 people at the quite area, we were really happy with it.  +
Attraktor +was with milliways in the past  +


Berndcon +Last year you told us we were not welcome and didn't provide us with space. That was very disappointing, but we didn't complain. We are used to being forever-alone. We are looking forward to this years congress in as much hope as we have left. Please don't deny us Bernds a chance to meet other Bernds who left their keller for this rare occasion. LG. Brent  +
Bitcoin +Last time was great - we where able to use the column next to our table as a projection place for the beamer. Nice neighborhood :)  +
BlinkenArea +Very happy with the space we got last year, however some information in advance on where we should set up would be appreciated. The soldering workshop was very busy, often with people waiting and/or watching, so some free space around the workshop table is helpful (if possible, I know space is very limited).  +


C3D2 Penta.* +last year we have been behind info desk that was good  +
C3PB +31C3: We were part of chaos west before, but didn't have enough space there (or any at all, really). Also the round tables weren't very practical for our needs. 30C3: We were in the back of Saal 3. It was kind of remote, but usable. 29C3: We were in the Area where the lock pickers were last year. That was nice.  +
C3S +we've had booths since ~25C3 (OMC then, C3S now). we're mostly talking with people about our project and offer some merch to support it. we've learned from the past three congresses that there's often times when several people want to talk to us at once, and we were really happy we always had enough space for that. since we also bring a lot of merchandising stuff, it would be awesome to again get one or two of those large CCH cloakroom tables. the last two times, we were happy in the noisy square. the small area between the escalator/stairs of the 1st and 2nd floor was great for us.  +
CAcert +For the last two C3s we were placed at Noisy Square. That was great, because we got many interested visitors and performed several hundred Assurances in those 4 days alone. Noisy Square is easy to find for people interested in CAcert and great to get in contact with other people from all around.  +
CCC Mainz +We are friends with the Chaospott Essen and ChaosInKl. We would be happy for a place near them.  +
CCCFr +We apprechiated to show our Banner tied up (30C3: ceiling traverse, 31C3 below empore (NOC colo). We bring again 3D printer with extra electricity requirements. Past years were too loud and bright to establish our "congress everywhere" communication setup (videoconferencing); this year we want to improve contact between our assembly and our hackerspace, where public viewing is offered each day 19:00+. We therefore would welcome location not too bright with a ceiling capable to carry the banner. 3D printer area is not a requirement, although we will bring a single unit.  +
CHT / Totalism Hackbase +First assembly for hackbases. I think a place around Level 1 / Chaos West / international spaces might work but open to other suggestions.  +
Chaos-West +The room from last year (see location) suited us very well. Cooperation with c-base went well. The number of seats has been too low and we were in need of about 60 more seats. Attendance this year is at least 250 ppl, so please make sure we can have enough seats for them (with tables, of course).  +
Chaostreff Osnabrück +the assembly last year was quiet good, the only thing to mention is that the next socket was a bit away so that we had to lay some cables on the ground to bring power to our assembly  +
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