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Description The wild west of the German hackerspaces
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Projects Harry Plotter, Klampfinator, Lucius, Panopticon
Self-organized Sessions CTF Aftershow, Chaos West Klangteppich
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Tags hackerspace, meta, chaostreff, erfa, ccc
Registered on 9 November 2015 15:59:01
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
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Brings Cube of truss, 6 m by 3 m wide and 3 m high. Lots of projectors, moving lights, maybe lasers and hazers. DJ area with pa system. Some attractions like popcorn machine, robot arm, T-Shirt press etc. Big LED display and blinkenfoo. No cats, but some couches.
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 250
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification special requirements network, special requirements power
Planning notes Pictures: We allow taking pictures in the center, where our exhibits are. In the outer hackcenter area, pictures are appropriate on a first-ask base.

Network: Please spread network switches at the tables.

Power: Hackcenter needs regular power sockets for laptops. We need three additional power sub-distributions. 1. for lights at the truss cube 2. for projects in our maker area and 3. for exhibits and sound system on stage. Sub-distributions with 3x 16 A (type F) for each of these will probably be sufficient.

Lights: Please provide table lights (IKEA) on all hackcenter tables. We would like to control all lights in the room, so please switch off the regular room illumination. We bring lots event lights and projectors. It will be colourful.

Tables: Rectangle tables preferred, to improve upon hacker density.

You can find a floor plan here:

past congress review The room from last year (see location) suited us very well. Cooperation with c-base went well. The number of seats has been too low and we were in need of about 60 more seats. Attendance this year is at least 250 ppl, so please make sure we can have enough seats for them (with tables, of course).

Our hackcenter and lounge are open for everyone, so come around and join us! Bring your laptop, if you want.


Chaos West is the alliance of hackerspaces in western Germany. We live in and around one of the most populated areas of the world (Rhein-Ruhr metropolitan area) and so a number of hackerspaces have grown here. Last year, we have outgrown the number of 10 hackerspaces participating.


You will find many of our projects in the center of the room, where some comfy seats and nice beats give you a hint of all our hackerspaces at once. We plan to share the room with c-base, so we build a larger space station together.


Chaos West Wiki (German)

Chaos West Klangteppich

This year we are going to build up a big lounge with sound & light. Come over and visit us! And if you like, you may play your favorite tunes in front of everyone. More infos…

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